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Prologue and Summary

Christians believe they have it all in being saved in Jesus but they are mostly mistaken. Jesus gave them the least minimal consolation prize by them being saved from descending ever deeper into perdition / existence in hell, but only for the duration of this ongoing age. What Jesus truly wants is for us to discover the spiritual truth; the truth that will set you free. It is all in the Bible, but religious tradition has made its message hidden from the mind. Jesus claimed that the truth shall set you free from hell altogether and return you to the spiritual realm as conscious and free entities. They / Christians presently, are nowhere at all. Christians are as spiritually dead as before they were saved in Jesus. They are still in hell / the underworld because they still believe that their god and father in paradise is a liar. We believed a lie in spirit / paradise and by the god in paradise we are dead because we disbelieved him and are the fruit of the of the knowledge of good and evil. We are already in hell! Physical reality is hell.

Jesus said that he, from before his birth(?), is from above and that we, from before birth, are from below; indicating that he is life and that we, in the region of darkness, are from death ‒ even before we, as humans, committed the sins that Jehovah is talking about. Jesus is referring to Genesis 3: 1-7, where it is told that we, in paradise, believed that the serpent told the truth about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil while our father and true god, the spirit in Jesus, is the liar. We died that day away from being in communion with our god (the spirit in Jesus) because among others, we believed our father and god to be the liar; and the lair, the serpent/Jehovah to be the truth-sayer. It, also, clearly states that life is in spirit and death is to be in physical reality (physical reality is the under world/ Hades). Now; swallow that; you Christian. It is from falling deeper into Hades that Jesus saved us by us showing faith again in his spirit of truth ‒ showing a sign of having faith in him as our god again. It is the beginning of having spiritual faith in the spirit in Jesus again and only then to be born again in spirit. It does not mean that we have rebirth in spirit by showing faith to be saved in him, but only that in the next Age we will again be born as white people and having another opportunity to regain the spiritual truth about our true god / the spirit in Jesus. The opportunity to that is buying my book(s) and reading/understanding the material in earnest.

Everything in the universe is associated with spirit – there is absolutely nothing not associated with spirit. The only life possible is in spirit, but when the spirit in us believes a lie we live the physical reality (a spiritual hallucination), which is the life of the dead in Hades /the underworld. Physical reality is the spiritual underworld; the world where those believing a lie in a higher reality reside; because in spirit the lie cannot be allowed to exist in order to preserve the "truth" of spiritual truth. The belief in a spiritual lie will send you immediately into a spiritual coma where you are forced by the liar to dream physical reality – a coma dream. Everything that exists physically is associated with each soul who has been treacherously caught to believe the lie. This comatose soul is brainwashed away from the truth. That is how the liar created physical reality as a new substitute reality for true reality in which he is the ultimate boss and god (there is no god before me he proclaimed). The god of the universe is, in fact, the liar and makes you believe that this reality is the only and true reality. Read the materials in this site and in my book! By the way, this website will disappear in the near future but the e-book / The Truth About Reality will remain. Without this book you will never know the spiritual truth. It is all up to you to become enlightened or to go into perdition / hell / Lake of Eternal Fire as everyone else. Your redemption depends on something entirely different than on believing in Jesus as Christ. Don't be stupid; find out what I am talking about. Creature bodies are ultra-master pieces of electro-biological and chemical design. They are perfect in every way; and they have absolutely nothing to do with any kind of evolutionary development. If you really think of the perfectness of the human body you would never be able to associate it with mere mere random chaotic evolutionary processes. In Hades is perfection of design to mystify us as to the truthfulness of physical life. It seems too real to be phony; yet it is; fools gold lacks the weight and physical reality the liberty of being.

I saw a video clip of a tamed bird that looked like a mocking bird that made a flying back flip on a sofa in a house. It took off and landed on the sofa and the entire flip took may 15” in height. If we really realize what an enormous complex maneuver this is, one can again get proof that this bird was once a human being. The very quick changes of operation of its wings to create the back flip are enormously complex. At one sequence of time it had to fly upside down and actually had to fly on its wings upside down and the fast change of operational functions of the wings shows that birds have an enormous capacity of quick, learned, practiced coordination and of applied intelligence.

For us earthly creatures, what we believe we see, what we believe we hear and/or smell becomes our truth, but if all we sense is coupled to a very carefully included deceit, all we experience is based on fictional lies. And this, folks, is what happened to us in paradise; and what we are swamped with in physical reality. The only real truth we can know must come from our observations, from our unbiased intelligence and our ability to deduce the truth from the fictions based on an assumed truth which is the word of the spirit in Jesus while on earth and the Pentateuch of the Bible; The first five books and the gospels of Jesus. Most of the rest of the Bible is mere useless verbiage because it comes from the liar-the serpent-Jehovah/Allah and he wants you to swallow it all.

The problem is that we, creatures, have been subjected to brainwashing from the day we were born and we grow up in a world ruled by propaganda, mind-conditioning and plain brainwashing. Nothing comes from nothing; the universe and earthly living creatures must come from a designer of life and contractors / spiritual slaves somewhere). Physical life emanates from our souls, deeply deceived in spirit and out of communication there. That leaves us as comatose entities in spirit dreaming physical reality induced by a cleverly constructed virtual reality based on mere spiritual fiction displayed from a spiritual computer and displayed through comatose souls. We respond according to the character and personality given us by the program. Let me give you an example

Government is an example of a virtual reality. it is just someone's idea. So government is set up by our constitution. It delineates how president and his department are appointed and the same for the legal department and the justice system. All the duties and functions of the appointees is very carefully written manner. See, in this case we, the people are god, government is our creation and all the functions and duties are clearly set down. See how everything done inside the government comes from decrees coming down from above the government; we, the people. Even so, in physical reality everything works exactly according to the dictates of the entity (ies) who formed the idea and the execution of the program physical reality. We are all operating on instructions given to us moment by moment.

There is thus a system of truth according to the spiritual truth and "a serpent designed truth" based for those who have accepted the liar (Jehovah / serpent / Allah) as the wellspring of truth. based on deceit. If you keep on reading you get the insight to all this; straight in alignment with the Bible. If you do not, you will be eternally sorry. Physical life is as phony as fools gold. It seems so real but it is so fake. Don't be fooled any longer; taker my words serious.

If you are an out-of-the-box philosopher this information is for you. You can follow how the author gets from step one to two etc. you cannot disagree that one of the author's conclusions must be that the entire universe is a play that involves every soul ever created by god in many, many sets of Adam and Woman / (Eve, after the lie believed) and that physical reality is Hades, the spiritual underworld. I have proven beyond a doubt that the Bible besides a lot of Jehovah's propaganda contains the truth; and that Jesus is a real person that walked this earth like you and me; yet in spirit he is our god in paradise before we betrayed him; and still is.

The reason I am sure about what I write is that when Jesus changed a container with water to wine he must, without a doubt, been dealing with entities or a program that he could communicate/manipulate with and act through. Nothing can happen if there is no communication. The universe is a spiritual mind-game. We have been induced to play with all the other gazillions of souls making up earth and the universe that brainwash our comatose souls into bringing the dream to all of us together as if the universe and all of us exist. I can see how Jesus told the sleeping soul in Lazarus to wake up; and Lazarus commenting back "Do I haave to?!” And Jesus replying to it; "Yes, just for a little while longer." And Lazarus' soul answering “OKaay!”

I have an example we have on earth: the weather forecast. The weather bureau has untold many data available on a continuing basis. A program has been devised that forecast the weather using all the data that is transmitted to this program continuously. So, when a person anywhere in the US wants to know the weather forecast for a given location the program, immediately, spews out the forecast. The spiritual program works on lines analogous, but on everything existing as pieces of data that constitutes physical reality and not only can it forecast but it can actually control any thing in the program at will for those who know how to operate the program.

Here is another reason that physical reality is a virtual reality. Corruption is everywhere from high society to the lowest levels. it always cost us liberty, happiness and our means to provide a living. the world is chockfull of lies and deceit. Nothing is as it seems to be. That makes our reality a farce ‒ a fiction, a virtual reality. can't you see that?

A Universe construction flow map

When anything is made or manufactured through a corporation, a manufacturing piece parts and subassembly flow chart is created. This means screws, rivets and other means of fasteners must be purchased or if not available in the market must be manufactured in house or subcontracted to vendors. may sorts of sub assemblies must be pet together or they may be purchased from outside the organization. So all parts must be in house or at least available when the larger assemblies and final assemblies are forecast to start. All these necessary steps must be completed before final assembly can take place. therefore a projection map is created that shows the length of time it takes to have these in house in the store facility before they are needed in the production schedule.

This flow chart is the holy grail of the product. Even so negative spirit has a "production flow chart" in creating and maintaining a universe; and we souls (deceived spiritual entities) are like the worker ants in an anthill creating and maintaining the anthill, are creating and maintaining this universe on an analogous principle of the flow chart a manufacturing company uses to create its products. The world, for us here on earth, is the center of the flow chart that affects the creation and running and maintaining of the universe and all its, elements and creatures, and we, souls, do the staging and the play of the universe in action. In action I mean that Whatever we do, like making love, conceiving children, finding and doing our jobs and all that takes creatures to do their thing as species, races, individuals do it very religiously according to the mandates of the flow chart  created by the god of the underworld / Jehovah / Allah /Jaweh. Jehovah, the serpent/a clever animal in paradise is the master of physical reality, which is built on the belief of a lie.

So, a fact is the assumption of truth based on a spiritual lie believed.

The solar system in which the world is placed, world as a lump of material in the form and shape and with all it ores, resources and all and the waters of the ocean must all be ready before the solar system is ready to start operating. The earth itself is the stage for all creatures to play their roles as given by the 30.000 or so years long program can be spooled in operation. So in the set-up of the earth it must appear as if it has existed for 5.5 or so billion years. So fossils of dinosaurs and many such things are placed in the earth; and in each new Age cycle these appear again exactly where they were in previous Ages.

So, when science, archeology and many other kinds of research and philosophies are conducted it cannot appear but that the world is some 5.5 billion years old and that there can be no god(s) , because the findings or philosophies to explain everything must conclude absolutely that earth is indeed billions of years old. But for us, who know better, all things we do to learn more of the earth history is a trap to disguise that the universe is but a game played in spirit and that the goal of the play is to create another son of god. Physical reality, then, is thus like a still. All ingredients are placed in the vat, the materials in the vat is put through an aging and cycle and after the required length of time something very rare and useful is extracted from the soul distilling cycle ‒a son of god, assembled from those particles (souls) that fit the requirements to be the living stones that from a son of god in spirit and these stones fit naturally like cells in a biological body fit in a living earthly creature. You get it?! The whole stage was possible by the souls we are associated with believed a lie in spirit, so that we have nothings but false truths to rely on and those false truth allow a billion and more schemes of us being deluded and scammed.

Those who are able to look through the illusions of physical reality know that things are not as they physically appear, but are traps that send those souls who cannot see through the illusions and who just love physical reality will be there for ever; first as the darker skinned races, then as creatures in the aquatic species, then will exist as creatures in lower primate species, and through everything that exist;  not only in earth but later on deeper in the cycle of hell as materials that make up the physical universe. The process of annihilation will take an eternity of time. the final resting place will be in a black hole, the garbage can of the universe and the center of all galaxies.

A word on the corona virus

Now-a-days with the art of gene splicing understood, one can create new strains of viruses and bacteria just for the sake of making huge amounts of money. Humanity in general does not have the maturity to be trusted with such knowledge. Revelation in the bible speaks of Babylon the Great (business, banking and industry today) being destroyed in one day and the business people of the world see their financial empires destroyed in one day. The corona virus may not be that curse, but it is, without a doubt, one of the diseases god told us he would spread among mankind through the Pandora Box. This virus came straight from that box. It has to potential of destroying the world's entire infra-structure of industry, research and business. If anything can destroy the mighty worldwide banking an business culture it will have to be an incurable and deadly, very infectious disease such as a virus; and god would send it to us through the intermediary of some, supposedly, brainy human beings in order to make us all believe that god does not exists and thus for almost all to go down into the hell of physical nature permanently as shown in my diagrams and article: Nothing Exists outside the Region of Truth!

The character personalities shown in the TV program GOTHUM are more real than people believe it to operate in our lager world-wide society. But humanity has already shown that "real"-world characters are worse than shown in that program. Humanity is now simply waiting for the final destruction. Whether you believe in god or no, read revelation in the Bible. It is all coming because we deserve no better than that.

The Bible speaks in the book of Revelation about a man with white curly hair to be prominent in the last days. Guess who has exactly such white hair without a gray hair among it; I, Hans van Krieken , now at 83 years of age, has that hair. And I have been writing to you for well over ten years and hardly anyone pays attention ─ that I know of.                    Hans van Krieken         3-17-2020

Here is an excellent suggestion!   When looking things up in the internet, go about 30 pages deep in the search results then start working your way back to page 1; because, for sure. The real inter hogs are those who are on the first 7 or so pages of the search results.


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Physical reality is the dumping ground of those souls who are too enamored with the spiritual lie to let go of it!  Hans van Krieken / 7-25-2019  But the truth will set you Free!  Jesus / 7-25-0030& Humanity has no idea what awaits it./ Hans van Krieken / 7-27-2019

Government betrayed us back into cruel slavery and kept the secret from us. The constitution now is the block and chain that binds us as slaves to the US government.

Government is an example of a virtual reality. It is just someone's idea. So government is set up by our constitution. It delineates how president and his department are appointed and the same for the legal department and the justice system. All the duties and functions of the appointees are very carefully written down. See, in this case we, the people, are god; government is our creation and all the functions and duties are clearly set down. See how everything done inside the government comes from decrees coming down from above the government of we, the people. Even so, in physical reality everything works exactly according to the dictates of the entity (ies) who formed the idea and the execution of the program physical reality. We, as projections of soul are all operating on instructions given to us moment by moment from set in stone rules and dictates. A computerized virtual reality sticks accurately to the demands and rules set for it, but the program "government" has no valid security built in by we the people to work as stipulated. So all governments, even established for the best of reasons, is guaranteed to be perverted where the people become the slaves and the governmental authorities become dictators. In our case it is done by making sure that the constitution becomes the security by which the people are utterly enslaved. It was done, after a deliberate heavy upheaval of the civil war by traitor president Lincoln, by having the 14th amendment ratified as written. By making people subject to the state it was then to their advantage to get the 16th amendment ratified by vicious, compromising tactics. Through these two amendments secured that the constitution became the absolute contract that made we, the suckered people ,to be nothing more than slaves. So, the world wars and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts were fought and resolved by American slaves who never had any choice to refuse to fight. Also the vicious IRS dictatorship caused thousands to be unlawfully incarcerated while the rest of the population as mere slaves were forced to cough up trillions of dollars utterly unlawfully. For more information turn to Complaint against Government (addressed to attorney General)

In the USA, all governments consist of brutal, self-serving dickheads and that is another reason that I will not vote. My father used to say, filth turns to foam in water and the foam will always rise to the to the surface. And there you have it with American governments; they are a bunch of dickheads, and the least person they want to serve is you! Also, all important elective office candidates have been preselected before you have a chance to vote on them. They are, without a doubt, One World Order proponents. Every president we have had since and including Lincoln were traitors because they kept that little phrase in the 14th amendment a secret from us; and never, ever, did anything about to rectify it. The 14th and 16th amendment actually changed the constitution from a statement and demand for liberty to one of brutal dictatorship; so you people better not "hurray" the constitution and our form of government anymore! Read on below for the explanations.

Some forms of reality

Moses wrote the first five books in the bible, also referred by the Israelis as the Pentateuch. Moses must have been a seeker, a thinker and was given insight from spirit in order to allow his ability as a thinker to put the whole Pentateuch together. Which god or gods were involved I do not know but I know three kinds of spirit as it stands now with the universe in place. We have the god of paradise, which upon closer look is the spirit in Jesus. Then we have the deceiver in paradise, the serpent, which I now know as being the god of earth Jehovah / Allah / Yahweh / the great spirit, etc., of which this god says of himself as written in the Pentateuch that there is no god before him. This is true as far as it concerns physical reality. Then we have the true and highest god as far as it concerns us here on earth ─TRUTH, ruler and creator of all spirit and by Jesus called “his father in heaven”. Jesus is also called by Jehovah as his son, and Jesus referred to that capacity and title of himself as the Son of Man. I believe that the spirit in Jesus was Moses’ guide in the writing of the Pentateuch.

I know that in order to create an environment of awareness other than TRUTH one must assume a belief in a lie which allows the creation of another kind than TRUTH; a truth defined to be in accordance to the lie believed for entities in that false belief. Utter Truth is truth of what is really truth. Nothing can be added or removed from TRUTH for that would create either an addition which must be a lie or a subtraction of TRUTH which would make an incomplete statement of TRUTH. The promulgators of these would simply fade oout of reality and be there no more.

When one wants to create a subordinate reality in an existing reality one must sell or enforce a believable lie to those existing in that reality; and one must scorn the creator of that higher reality as an outright liar. The liar becomes the true god and the true god is abandoned and forgotten. The newly accepted god can now manipulate his believers into creating and depending on another (but lower) form of existence that is then the truth for the community of believers.  The new subordinate system of truth is based on fiction and is the truth for entities in that system. The believers in the lie are now thus dead to the previous form of truth, because when one is out of communion with the god of that reality one is dead to it. One is not dead per-sé but one seems to be in a coma (out of communion with that reality).

Physical reality is a virtual reality based on a lie believed in a higher form of reality; and whatever we (believers of a lie in paradise) experience here on earth seems to be the truth for us creatures caught inside it. This lie soundly removed the truth of the higher creator and replaced it with the lie believed and this lie believed separates his believers from the real TRUTH and, therefore, allows a creation of a virtual reality (a spiritual fiction) apart from TRUTH in the minds of those who believed the lie. This virtual reality is unique and must satisfy all the conditions of this subordinate reality as specified by the promulgator of the lie. For entities created in this reality this spiritual lie represents the highest truth that one can assume in this sub-ordinary reality. This is thus also the formula for all subsequent virtual realities derived from this one and are devised by clever human beings.

Virtual realities are created for a purpose. Once the goal or purpose of the virtual reality is reached (at least in spirit the virtual reality) the program will be shut down.

One can be god over a fictional reality and still be a (sleeping / comatose) member of TRUTH, as long as the designer of the lie remembers that the lie introduced is a lie and apart from TRUTH. The liar must thus try to prevent any of the lie-believers to rediscover the real truth. The spirit in Jesus is such a spiritual entity. He created paradise (and one can read in Genesis 2 and 3 of the bible of how he went about that. Basically he created an environment, Adam and Woman, animals (of which the serpent is one); and trees (which are evidently like classes of many sorts) to teach Adam and Woman the principles of Good (which good is, of course, the spiritual/native truth of Adam and Woman, and the evil is the  lie that the lie-believers depend on as truth in the case of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). The spirit in Jesus is the effective creator of  paradisiacal reality. The spirit in Jesus himself is this god. These trees are classrooms are teachers of reality of some sort. God / the spirit in Jesus told them to partake of them. How many higher realities must be there above the reality of the spirit we call paradisiacal truth. I believe these higher forms of reality are infinite.

The way to look at this is as follows:

In paradise we have Adam and woman; they believed a lie told them and in consequence physical reality appeared into their dreaming mindset. In another form of paradise another set of Adam and Woman are made to believe a lie and they are falling into a coma and for them an entirely different physical kind of reality is being dreamed up by all the entities making up the entities of Adam and Woman. And so it goes on an infinite  in other cycles of ages. Dreams do not take up space; so like the internet an infinite number of such dreams are possible -- thus an infinite amount of world-like realities exist out there.

Not only are there untold many solar systems but there also are untold many universes. The realities possible are infinite because we do not know what are the basis's (I mean here the plural of basis) of thought and deception because we cannot comprehend the reasons for them.. But at the top of all fictions there must be a true reality which is the ultimate godhead. Infinity, for us reaches in all faculties and in all directions.

There is also the one tree of which god / the spirit in Jesus (tsiJ) told these two to not eat from /partake of in any way or they would die. The true purpose of this tree is for them to actually succumb to the temptation and thus to partake of it.

Brainwashed people are dead to new opinions and new understanding unless it comes from the source of their brainwashing. Brainwashed people are spiritually dead and are emotionally devoid of sincerity.

Jehovah / serpent is the angel with a flaming sword that will prevent you from you trying ever again to enter into paradise while holding a lie as the truth. Only realizing the truth as I have written it will allow you to bypass these angels and cause you to reenter the reality of paradise again. This is the major purpose of Jesus coming amongst us and for me to write all this. We belong to the spirit in Jesus; he is our father and creator and he is sure that his sojourns in our imagination will bear fruit. Be one of the fruits of his efforts.

If humans are associated with spirit, and they absolutely are, then everything else in physical reality is associated with spirit (it is all nor nothing at all). If that is so (and it is!) then physical Reality cannot be anything else but Hades and real life is in the spirit. If this is Hades (the bible calls it the Lake Of Fire) then what God in paradise (in Genesis 2 of the bible) said about not messing in any way with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or we would die that day is absolutely true; and we are dead to the reality of paradise and awakened to the imaginary reality of the universe. / Hades. Physical reality is a figment of your spiritual imagination, an imagination based on the lie you believed in paradise. I want so much to help you back to your redemption but you are your own greatest enemy in allowing me to help you to do that.

Every reincarnation birth is a punishment from god, Jehovah, and also another chance to find the truth as I tell it in my books and website. I understand the true mission of Jesus was to contact you in spirit in the hope to restore you back in spirit. You as humans still have a chance to repent of the spiritual lie you believed. It is the only way to true life again. Recanting of this lie believed will return you to true reality where we all belong. Once you exhausted your chances to be born a human and when you will reincarnate as an animal entity you will have shot all your chances of redemption and all that is left is Jehovah’s / the serpent’s everlasting wrath of having violated any one or more of his righteous demands of you.

In earth we only have belief systems. Why do people deliberately shun the belief system that could give them the greatest reward; that what I have to offer you? Why not be sane and chose that belief system that can gain you the greatest reward. That greatest reward is to again become conscious in the spirit (where we actually belong) by simply renouncing the spiritual lie that sent us spinning into spiritual unconsciousness with the extra punishment of becoming aware in physical reality that encompasses us so totally that we never could understand the answer that Jesus gave us: “The Truth will set you free”. As I have already stated before, being saved in Jesus Christ gives us only one age of mercy of salvation; meaning that you are safe from descending deeper into hell than you are presently. You may get another reprieve in another coming age, but that is a great "if". The chances for you are much greater by accepting the spiritual truth by accepting my version of understanding redemption, because really, it is the only chance you will ever have when you ever come across this article  or my website.

Let me restate one of Jesus’ parables and explain it to you. Jesus said in a parable-story that if someone has something against you, you should go to him and settle the matter between you and him before the sheriff will arrest you and hold you in prison until you have reimbursed the matter with that person to his complete satisfaction. Jesus tried to tell us herewith that we are caught in prison / physical reality already and we will remain here in physical reality until we have settled the matter of the truth between him / Jesus as god in paradise and you as an entity in Adam or Woman when we believed the liar who told us that god / Jesus lied to us about the matter of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. I am advocating you take that parable serious and reconnect with Jesus in truth and admit that you made a terrible error in taking the serpent serious in his false vicious sales pitch against you and against god / the spirit in Jesus. You will remain caught in physical reality until you have experienced all the aspects of physical reality which will take eternity to do. Jesus gave us another hint by stating that the truth will set you free; and then enhancing that with his statement that He is the way, the truth and the life.

My materials about spirit are not found anywhere else on earth because I have discovered (and have been given) the complete insight on the way spirit got to design virtual reality: Earth. What it took to start it and what was used to give it life and to sustain it. No religion, science or other group of people or individual has ever uncovered the truth. By not getting acquainted with this material while having come across it or have been referred to it or come upon it in any other random way, will very seriously affect your standing as spirit and will keep you in the spiritual trap that physical reality is! You are on your own because if you miss this material on purpose no god will have mercy on you and your entire being will be badly affected for eternity. You do not believe me? You will be forever after be sorry for it!

The spirit of Jesus is the god of paradise whom we betrayed by believing the lie the serpent told Woman in paradise about their god; and through Woman Adam betrayed god and through Adam and Woman into which we are included as cells in their identities we betrayed god as well. As God told them that they (we all) would die that spiritual day in paradise. That dying in paradise is not spiritual death because we are eternal beings; we believed the lie and thus fell into a coma from which state a false reality could be founded.

In our assembled cellular entities in Adam and Woman we are lying in a coma and are dreaming a false god's induced physical reality (realm of darkness and death in Jesus’ words) that we now seem to enjoy each moment of our lives. We live, die and reincarnate continually until this Age is complete and our collective awareness in our coma dream is temporarily shut down. Then, in short (further details can be found throughout the books for more clarification), a new age begins and the Age progresses again just as before but with god, serpent, and every soul assigned a new role (such as race, species, type, etc.).

This physical life, initially, is assigned to us as human being in a trial we, all, must accept (for most of us will exist throughout the Ages (eternally) in all the known and unknown spectra of life found in earth) in order to rediscover the consequence of the lie we believed in paradise. Finding back the initial paradisiacal error we committed in paradise and repenting of that error will set us back in honor with god, the spirit in Jesus and we can then be reaccepted in spirit as now spiritually aware eternal beings. However, our redemption back into spirit is extremely severally hampered by the powers rto be on earth to swallow the theory of evolution as the manner physical reality exists. It will cause us to believe that gods,  any kind of spiritual reality and the existence of souls is bunk. These things are not just happening in our earth but throughout the universe, repeatedly and forever. This is the way god designed to get new sons in spirit.

And as far as to my American legal, political and financial understanding goes, I have been trained and have investigated them to such an extend that I understand the full principles of each and how they interrelate to create the typical social, religious and political fabric of which American society is comprised. What underlies this fabric has been a secret conspiracy to create a One World Order of which British and especially American governments are deeply involved and are guilty of, which involvement clearly dictated high levels of deceit, corruption and a clear pattern on how the American people are held hostage. Propaganda and deceit of all kinds are used of which the people are utterly unaware.

 Hans van Krieken

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Letter to the US Attorney General

Suggestion to US Government about Federal Grand Jury Empanelment and Suggestions on How to Improve the Jury System

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It is easier to move a mountain than to change a learned, adult's human mind!

To the US Attorney general: Complaint against US Government about Federal Grand Jury Empanelment and Suggestions on How to Improve the Jury System 

I am addressing you as one of we, the people, and in your official capacity.

I cannot see how the constitution can be of any value at all if we, the people, are subject to the United States as the 14th amendment seems to infer. I would like you to consider the arguments set out below.

The Constitution in all its contents and specific understanding is written for the sole purpose to confine and set the limits of governmental authority. It was not ever intended to expand the power of government; so for reasons of government’s legal attacks on private citizens of the states and also of the federation of states government has no status in court against any citizens unless, as stated in the constitution it is supported by a jury of citizens that has not been composed in any way by government and it is according to a lawful statute that applies to anything over which the government has jurisdiction. The constitution (s) is a common law document restricting the powers of government, and as such this standard of limitation applies also to state governments.

If state governments accept an amendment to the constitution it must therefore be followed by a statement of approval by the people, or a jury selected by the people, that serve the people in deciding whether the amendment should stand. Government is a servant of the people and the people cannot ever allow the government to become a master in whatever capacity over the people whatsoever.

If, by some legally colored default or some other reason government makes a claim to have jurisdiction in court over just one person of we the people than the judge must call for a mistrial because government comes without any authority to do so. The way things stand presently government cannot be held in other way but in dereliction of its powers and duties. It proves again clearly that government alone or in conspiracy with other state governments are the enemies of we, the free people!

In the cases of all the amendments placed into law by the legislatures of the states, who proposed the adoption of the new amendments? It seems that most of them really do not concern the states at all; such as the 14th and 16th amendments. If one of the departments of the federal government wrote and proposed the amendments for the state legislatures to adopt, then these amendments are, without question, unconstitutional!

Federal government cannot propose an amendment where federal government is bound to the stake as far as it applies to the absolute liberty of the people. It cannot propose or create amendments. I know that the people have been betrayed by both federal government and the state legislators. Let’s not forget that government cannot be trusted, so when government starts writing and proposing constitutional law, we know that we had just been duped.

Many, many people have been incarcerated, unconstitutionally, by the IRS. Government should not be a plaintiff in court nor have the power to accuse and pray for imprisonment of anyone of we, the people. Any amendment even suggesting that such is possible has no standing whatsoever for it would nullify the intent of the constitution.

If it is at all possible for US government to propose an amendment to the Constitution it ought to be first introduced to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury ought to really consider if the people want to be saddled with the proposed change (because any amendment US government proposes would afflict the general populace in a negative way) before it is submitted for a vote by all of, we, the people.

I am sorry but the way Grand Juries are selected is downright stupid and unconstitutional. In any trial case both the defendant and the prosecutor select the jury, but Grand Juries are selected by the government. That, to me, is asinine.

I believe that in both the federal and the states’ jurisdictions the Grand Juries ought to be impaneled for a year and they should be the guardians of the people’s constitution(s). Attorney-generals and the DA’s like to win cases, and, presently, they are in charge of selecting Grand Juries. So, they have the choice to pick Grand Juries that will support the state and federal cases. That is utterly unconstitutional. The deck has been stacked in favor of government. This must stop. The suspicion of a charged deck should never exist; thus, my proposal of seating a Grand jury for a year. Each federal district could have such a Grand Jury impaneled. Grand Juries will be impaneled by the abdicating Grand Jury. This gives we, the people, a rightful means in deciding whether enough evidence exists to have the defendant indicted.

I can see that great harm is done to defendants charged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is in charge of selecting Grand Jury members with a bias favoring the IRS. So, we really have a monkey shoot when the IRS charges one of we, the people with a series of charges. It is utterly unconstitutional.

 It is also unconstitutional for government to compose and propose constitutional law without it being placed for consideration before the Grant Jury. That ought to be an amendment in itself. If most amendments after the 11th have entirely bypassed the citizens of the United States, the Grand Jury ought to start a class-action suit against the US government. The people have never been non-governmentally represented in our government system. The people have always been non-represented in cases against the government; but since government has changed the form of government from the republic to the democracy (how did that come about without any input from we, the people) we are fully in the right to place the federal Grand Jury in charge of judging the United States government; and the States’ Grand Juries should be in charge of cases against the state governments. We should not just only be in charge at voting time, the people must be in charge all the time. The people, spearheaded by the Grand Juries, are in charge of the constitution as the representatives of all the people and in a supervising authority over government. Government has been getting away with murder till now. Because all the people thought they were subject to the United States, the government has utterly undone the entire constitution!

In government’s disobedience to the constitution it installed the Selective Service and forced many people to fight terrible wars in order to install the United Nations which (after the failure of the League of Nations) was the second step to inaugurate the One World Order. How can it be that such important amendments as the 14th and 16th amendment get into the Constitution without any input from the people; not even without a review by the Grand Jury?

Up to now, government has been able to get away with picking the Grand Jury without supervision of the people. That is a huge flaw in our legal system. The constitution does not give government that right. The original signers of the constitution had one thing right; Government cannot be trusted. Any barred attorney or judge can figure out that the 14th and 16th amendments are a government and banking conspiracy to commit treason against the people/citizens of the United States and in violation against the constitution of America. The Supreme Court should have noticed that the 16th amendment is a fraud. It should have given notice to government to bring an appropriate correction to bring the constitution back into a validly operating condition. However the Supreme Court can only act on complaints from one or more of the people or from a corporate fiction. We, the free people, have no watchdog agency that can make a complaint of such matters as mentioned herein and we should have such a watchdog institution.

The departments of government ignored these violations of the constitution and continued over prolonged periods to use these fake 14th and 16th amendments together with a deceitfully phrased individual signed bank account contracts that stipulates that holders of bank accounts must uphold all federal laws in order for people to have a contract with a bank; thus giving US government fraudulent jurisdiction in federally filed criminal cases. It places the US justice department in conspiracy with the rest of the anti-constitutional criminal conspiracy to subject the people of America to US government and to be able to imprison people on false/phony government (IRS) charges. But, we, the people, stated in the constitution that we will be benefited with a fully operating and guaranteed currency system. This currency system must come to us free, without limiting or subordinating factors or encumbrances to one or all of the people. Thus, any taxes required for the operation of USG must come, not from people, but from the corporate businesses. Corporations are subject to government, and these entities receive the benefit of limited liability and, also, have been given standing in public court; which limited liability and court standing, requires of them to collect the taxes from the people by charging these taxes into the products or services they sell; because the free people should not be required to pay them under threat of government formulated penal laws.

Let’s not have anymore of this. That is why I now file this complaint with you, the Attorney General, against the United States government with this letter. A copy will also be sent to President Trump.

I must stress that the people are not subject to government ─ federal or state in nature. You must be convinced of that or our constitution is not going to help anyone. Here is why. The constitution is a set of demands by which we, the people will tolerate a government to be placed in operation for the operation of itself with the full insurance that the people will always be free and remain free and with a valid, honestly working currency system. Thus, no amendment can ever be constitutional that, even in the vaguest manner, insinuates that the people might be subject to government. So, again, it must be stressed that, for starters, the 14th amendment must be rephrased as shown below or even better; and the 16th amendment (being utterly unconstitutional), must be forthwith deleted and be made of no effect whatsoever.

The Civil War was the purpose of, and the means whereby all American state citizens lost their status as free people through subversion of trust. After the Civil War, government officially incorporated this fall from free citizens to serfs of government by demoting the people and their posterity by a deceitfully promoted and government adopted 14th Amendment to the constitution, declaring that “all state citizens are citizens of the United States” (and “subject” to the laws of the United States).

Yet, even after this amendment, people still thought and think of them-selves as being free. The preamble wording of the 14th amendment should have stated: “All people, who were part of and included in this original constitutional agreement, their descendents and those naturalized in the United States are unburdened and free United States citizens . . .” This would have stated the same thing without alluding that the free people are subject to anything at all. The way it is written and the way it is followed by the 16th amendment represents treason from the several governments against We, the free people of the United States.

Furthermore, it is only just that all those people arrested and put in jail by the IRS or on invalid government charges, and what stands for our bogus federal justice system, who are still living should receive $200,000 for each year they have been sentenced in jail; and their immediate families, who suffered the loss of their loved ones and the financial support of those incarcerated, should receive each $100.000 for each year of the wrongfully executed sentences of their immediate relatives and for the loss they experienced of their husbands, fathers, sons and/or daughters. These amounts I have been picked from the ether. These amounts should be considerably more, but they are the minimum amounts these people deserve for being purposely, utterly falsely arrested, processed in the courts and jails and then imprisoned to sit out their wrongfully arrived at sentences.

Government ignored these violations and continued over prolonged periods to use these fake amendments together with mis-phrased individual signed bank account contracts claiming that holders of bank accounts must uphold all federal laws in order for people to have a contract with a bank; thus giving US government fraudulent jurisdiction in federally filed criminal cases; and shuts out the state law system completely. It placed the US justice department in conspiracy with the rest of the anti-constitutional criminal conspiracy to subject the people of America to US Government and imprison them on false/phony charges; and in addition and beyond all that now subject we, the people, to a foreign and higher governing agency, the UN.

We, the people, stated in the constitution that we will be benefited with a fully operating and guaranteed currency system. This currency system must come to us free, without limiting or legal, or otherwise subordinating factors. Thus any taxes required for the operation of USG must come, not from people, but from the corporate businesses. Corporations receive the benefit of limited liability and have standing in public court, which limited liability and court standing requires them to collect the taxes from the people by charging these taxes into the products or services they sell; because the free people should not be bothered or required to pay them under threat of government formulated rules and penal laws. People ought not to be charged for tax crimes. Paying taxes is beyond the standing of a free and liberated citizenry.

After about 250 years of living with the original and government-amended constitution and with the democratic system of government it is up to the people to study and edit the constitution to eliminate any uncertainty about the meaning of any article and to thoroughly edit all the amendments; and either delete the ones reeking of government scheming by incorporating those amendments that still make sense and deleting those that have enslaved us to our servants. For one thing I must adamantly state that the minimum voting age should definitively not be 18 years but should be raised to at least 28 years of age. 18 Year old children have no life experience to vote with the more mature and experienced folks. The present minimum voting age creates more harm than good, because it makes the overall vote meaningless. Children are children and should not be required to assume the duties of mature adults.

Many of these children may be employed by freewill by the US armed forces that coerced them to take a completely wrongful oath -- the correct oath is to fight to defend the constitution and the active aggressors against our laws and National Independence and other enemies of the people's liberty, but they are still kids and the armed forces do not now primarily defend the country but require the armed forces personnel to attack foreign nations that do not conform to a democratic form of government. That, in a way, is a Hitler scheme of making the world a democratic supremacy.

This oath is in conformance to the One World Order conspiracy efforts to create a One World Order democratic super-state by coercing smaller nations to abandon their non-democratic structures and instead forcing all nations to adopt the US-modeled corporate democratic government structure; thereby forcing the choice of government for these nations from them. Our entire government system has been invaded by the coalition of international bankers who masterminded the 14th and 16th amendments to the constitution and try to force a United Nations law system over and above the Constitution for American government.

Presently, our entire government system is a hoax. In my considered opinion it operates in anti-constitutional mode. USG should mind America before anything else! We probably were better off with King George of England than we are now with the “supposedly” so good and sound constitutional democratic system. The smartest country in the world is Spain because they were wise enough to bring their king back into office.

I want to add that the government (that is supposed to be limited in power) has the awful power to send people to jail; thus separating a parent from his children and his or her spouse. It can throw them out of house and home, and other such atrocious things. It shows that in spite of what we call liberty we still exist in America in a basically barbaric midlevel culture and existence.

There is another matter that US government does that is against the constitution. Government cannot make laws that forbid the people from taking, and carrying drugs. The people are free and not encumbered by government. However, government can make laws that declare drug manufactures and drug cartels that bring drugs into the black market and thus endangering we, the people to become drug addicts illegal and punishable to extremely severe penalties. It can declare all drug manufacturers and drug dealers to be enemies of the people; and people found guilty of such crimes should get the death penalty. This could even be reinforced by an amendment to the constitution. And the amendment should state that such characters, even on police suspicion of being such, cannot ever be empanelled in a jury.

Also, dual jurisdictions are not just. I propose that if state and federal jurisdictions apply in a case the federal law and justice system overrules the state’s claims. One should not be exposed to two trials when one will suffice. This also should be stated in the constitution.

I hereby have another proposal for a new amendment: The means whereby amendments are accepted or rejected should not be placed in hands of state legislators but, henceforth, in the hands of the Grand Juries. Grand Juries are not part of government and should take on the roll of managing the US constitution for the people, not legislatures that form a part of government. It is too prohibitive to get all the people to vote on changes to the Constitution, but the ten Grand Juries in all 10 districts are a good representation of we, the people. Grand Juries should have experience in being jurors; this makes them less of a sort of cow-towers for government. That is why a 2-year of Grand Jury empanelment is an excellent idea.

Please hand over a copy to the Grand Jury, and pass this article along to everyone you know.

Thank you.

letter to US Attorney General

I did not hear a peep from either one of them; and I sent it to them twice. That is because they are following another script than the constitution; the script being the incorporation of a One World Order empire. We have been reduced to mere chickens inside a coup d' é tat.

An aside on Saturday 21-3-2020, at 11:00 AM I was locked out of my internet account when I wanted to upload this paragraph: I heard that President Trump wants all US citizens to receive a government-issued check of $1.200. That news came about after I wrote this letter to him and the US Attorney General. With this check, I believe, they try to dupe us into a legal "Accord and Satisfaction" action. (If someone owes you a $1.000 and he sends you a check of $200.00 and you cash it, it may mean that you cannot claim the remainder--$800, as a debt he owes you still.) Anyone who cashes this check may agrees that all moneys taken from the person illegally through income tax has been satisfied and the person cannot ever bring the issue up again. Accord and Satisfaction must always be handled on a clean hands and mind (good faith transactions), or the court will not allow it.

In many cases judges do not ply their trade with clean hands, that is why rich people can exhaust pour people of the financial dignity and cause them to lose the case. Judges ought to clam down on the issuing of non-essential petitions entered into court with unclean hands and minds. Half the lawyers should be barred from court because of this practice.

I had once an issue in the court against the IRS and the case was to be heard at 9:00 AM. At 11:00AM the IRS was still not represented in court. I asked the clerk present if I was 20 minutes hours late would the case be considered abandoned? and the clerk said : "Yes". So I, instantly, withdrew my claim, and left the court. Talking about Justice; Pah!

One bad aspect of the idea of accord and satisfaction is that a debtor may pay you, say, 60% of the debt owed, so that the remainder not worth is to go to court for. That is one reason people will not hand over the merchandise until the bill is paid in full.

The temptation to do cash the check is too great, I fear, for most people, and in this case, in the democratic process, these people cashing the check is the majority and all will be held to the decision of the majority and all of us have to shut up about the issue for ever. That is the very bad thing of a democracy over a republic. The majority is always the stupid part of the nation, and since the majority accepted the check the Accord and Satisfaction legal rule is now satisfied for all people in the US of A. And you cannot sue the government because it is the richest entity in the world who can keep a matter in court for 20 years or until you give up. I mean by being stupid that in some issues one person is a dummy and in another another person may be the dummy. In some issues I can be considered a dummy, but overall, nobody can be an expert on everything. But, yes it is true the majority on any issue are dummies. That is the manner in which a democratically arranged government has great clout over us all.

Look at how some 22 generations overlooked the wording of the 14th amendment and so sharply followed with a dictatorship of the IRS. Of course government wants to defend the constitution. it suits them just fine. But it is not government that must defend the constitution but the people.

I went to several of my neighbors about the corruption of our constitution and no one is in the least interested. So, now you can be sure that they are your neighbors and the community you live in that keeps you enslaved. People are so disgusted by our system of government that aphety reign extremely high in America. What can we all do but hate our neighbors. America is a lost society. The people vote and beyond that they are brain-dead. Please do not be.

It is just like Moses who would want to lead the Israelites out of Slavery in Egypt, The people did not want to leave because they felt they had all they needed. They accused him for all things and grumbled continually. The same also happened to the African Americans in the USA. It took the very bravest, very often women who lead their fight against suppression. Most were cowards but a few were willing to die for all of them.

The same happened during American Independence war; the great majority felt they could live under the suppression of the British empire. We must realize that great majority of people are cowards, but that does not mean the we must relent to gain progress. People, we must get rid of all traces of subjection that were are terrorized under from any sort of people or  or any sort of organization. The Dutch, master's of fighting independence wars, fought for their independence from the extremely rich, new-world-marauding King of Spain for 80 years, but their stubbornness paid off.  It is also why the tricolors of red , white and blue (the Dutch flag) still stand for liberty all around the world. No one could withstand the enormous power of Spain, but the Dutch did! Dutch ships used to rob Spanish galleons loaded with gold and silver from Central and South America. My last name  "van Krieken" was awarded to a man who did outstanding battle around a town in Belgium named Krieken against Spain by the then leader "Prins(e) William of Orange". The Dutch are still reigned by the House of Orange.

Now-a-days, we live for more than a 150 years under the yoke of suppression supported by all the presidents since that time; and under an even more immense yoke plunder by the fraudulent Inter Revenue Service since the year whereby through traitorous means the 16th amendment was arrived at. Most people are too stupid and to languid to care, but a small group of real medal-deserving heroes are still fighting for reform, but the incredible mass of indifferent give our enemies enormous support to government to continue these forms of supression.

So, we might be forced to do the same in America. Even Spirit uses slaves, our deliberately comatized souls are still used to materialize the universe and us creatures in it. We have been ripped off of our liberty in America and we must fight to regain our liberty, and our souls are caught through a lie-believed in spirit; and this website is the way to regain our liberty there. That is all!

My arrest by the IRS

One day I came home from my post office box and a car came screeching to a stop in  my driveway. A woman, Jody, came to came out the first with two burly plain-clothed men . They said they came to arrest me. I was still sitting in my car. I said let me see the arrest warrant and see showed me a piece of paper from about 6 feet away. I said let me read it but she retracted the warrant. So, I stayed in my car for about a couple of minutes. In that time she called the city cops and a minute later a cop showed up. He immediately pulled his night stick to demolish my car. So I got out of the car to protect my car. He immediately jumped me and we fell on the ground and he proceeded to hit my face with his fist. He must have hit my face about 3 to 4 dozen of times before he quit. In the mean time the two men jumped on my back to restrain (?) me. Since I had fallen, my two arms were under my body but the weight of the three of them made it very hard to place my hands on my back f them to cuff me. As long as I was not cuffed the cop kept hitting me in the face. The cop dumped me in his car and drove to the hospital where I was cuffed to the bed. nurses and doctors came by and just looked. My face was beat to pulp. but there was nothing they did. After a half our of this I was placed in the IRS car and driven to San Francisco and placed in a cage with about another dozen of so people. I was in there for about an hour and brought into court.

The other thing was that my wife was just convalescing from an operation and heard all the tumult outside; so she came out and saw me being beaten to pulp by the cop. She was hauling out there to!.

The cop testified to the number of arrests he had made in his career, which was somewhere around 2500. The female judge asked if was he injured in the arrest proceeding and he showed her a little scratch on his cheek (we had fallen right next to a rose bush and he must have evidently got that scratch there. So, I spoke up and asked the judge why she did not immediately get up and kiss the poor guy. I howled "Kiss his bubo, please kiss his bubo ", but she only gave me her meanest look and told me to shut up. Even the deputy marshals could not stop grinning!

I was never asked according to the claims on the warrant whether I was guilty or not, because the judge never could read them out loud because she never had one in her hand. It was another sham of a proceeding.

Here is another thing; the IRS brought their case against me before a grand jury which stupid jury agreed to all the charges the IRS laid upon me; but then the IRS titled the case The United States of America versus Hans van Krieken. If the case was reviewed and signed by the jury, the case ought to be titled The People versus Hans van Krieken and the judge should have immediately dismissed the case because the people made the charge, not the government. So you see that everything in this country is bunch of bunk! No one knows really what they are doing.

Any way, I was given $100.000 bail, which is about the bail a suspected murderer gets; and I was hauled of to jail (my wife's parents put up their house as bail to get me out. Not only that, her mother was a one-time 23 year employee of the IRS. Hurrah for mam!). In all that time I never, ever was shown the warrant. Neither did the cop verify whether the IRS had a legitimate claim. It took two and a half week for my injuries to heal, but no medical help ever showed their faces. Since I had no lawyer, the judge did not even ask if I had ever seen the warrant. I never saw the judge handle and read any warrant either. That is justice and police work in America folks. A month later my wife received a bill in the hundreds of dollars for my forced stay in the hospital. Anyway, by a similar working of the court I was given two years in jail, and thus, I am a felon. I wear my status as felon as a medal of the highest honor and I have no respect left for authority ‒ governmental or religious. They are a bunch of bumbling idiots who have absolutely no respect for the law! I stay out of their way. Because I was not allowed a lawyer because I did not want to betray how my wife got income I appointed the judge as my lawyer, stating that she knew the law as well as anybody. I, also, refused a jury because I knew how stupid the general public is, so the judge was the jury. Had I taken a jury, my penalty would probably have been 6 years or so. Obviously, they kicked me and my personal defense attempts around the court as they wished. I am not a registered voter because I am a felon. I would never vote anyway, because I cannot mingle my most learned, experienced and intelligent vote with much of the utterly brainwashed rabble out there. So, here is a case everybody hates to be in, in a dictatorship, government was the accuser, judge and jury. How about that; and I wanted it that way! In most criminal cases brought by government juries are in most cases just government 's rubber stamps.

I, later, found out that as a supposed "found guilty" first offender the penalty was at most 40 days. Don't tell me the IRS/government are not in cahoots with the justice department, voiding completely the separation between the departments. It is all bunk. they have the power because we failed to defend our constitution against the government; and the Supreme Court does not care either. we truly exist in the jungle! And, beyond believe the works of the gods i spirit. We really have nothing to do with it but act act as we are directed from spirit. That's why I want you to read what I truly know about spirit.

Do you know that because of the stupid jury system in the US of A, and the irresponsible behavior of the people themselves, America holds the largest percentage per capita prison population of any country in the world. In some European countries the judges change the jury sentence from years to a couple of weeks. Now, that shows responsibility on the part of the judge. most convicts are truly sorry of their wrong-doing so why give them years?

My arrest was something from which the constitution ought to have protected me from. If this was not unusual punishment, then I do not know what that means, and without having gone through a trial, or for the cop to even had checked the phony warrant. The constitution is just a useless piece of paper, that can only be used by rich super crooks who can use it to escape punishment. It is an instrument used by dirty folks in government and crooks; the rest of us are helplessly caught in the rituals of misjudgment of the people by officialdom.

The second world war was fought by American slave labor because most of the soldiers never had a choice whether they would join the fight or not. ghey were forced to fight because of the deliberate false phraseology of the 14th amendment. What a misery we American s live under! The same can be said for the people who were forced to fight in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It is all of the most high scandal. And Hitler was utterly misrepresented because he was the looser and oddly because he was a member of the On World Order Conspiracy. He was designated to be the fall guy! I myself was imprisoned for three 1/2 years in a Japanese concentration camp, simply because I was white. Many, many people died or were permanently disabled because of the treatment they received. I and my brothers suffered in life because we never went to school and we were later placed in classes that were beyond our reach of understanding. My younger brother still gets Japanese support for the injuries he suffered as badly undernourished baby.

And oddly enough, 90% of what I know I learned in prison by reading much of the army base library with which our camp was litters. Every wall was stacked from floor to ceiling with half the library of the presidio military base in San Francisco, CA. I just locked myself in a broom closet and read all i could about world history, and books written by veterans of the civil war, WWI and WWII. So my time was not waisted.

I was set back three times in my school years. The nasty thing is I studied hard and knew my business but I was a dud in doing written tests. I was educated as a ships mate for the international trade. i was apprentice at 21, was paid 60 guilders a month in 1958 and I sailed with the Holland America Lines.  Since I was more in the states than in Europe, I was making only $15.00 a month. I was mistreated in that year. It was about as much as I made as a prisoner in American jail; 5 cent per hour coming to $12 a month; and that was mostly robbed away by other prisoners who were able to get into my locker somehow.

No one paid any attention to you and no one helped teach you the trade and the new technologies. It was a wasted year, like a prison sentence. Most I did was pick rust of metal surfaces and in the harbor I was assigned to be a guard in the cargo holds so the dockworkers would not steal the cargo.

I hold my heart if all ship mates were trained like I was. The world shipping trade is filled with under-educated, undertrained and under-qualified authorities. I certainly was one. I am glad to be away from it.

I write all this as it happened to come back to my memory. This whole website is so composed.


Addendum to the letter to the US Attorney General


A century and a half ago, the international bankers and our state governments have caught all the people of our nation in subjection , their offspring and all nationalized citizens thereafter, through a little phrase in the 14th amendment to the constitution, after they divided and suckered the people into a vicious civil war by declaring them subject to the United States and forcing them upon penalty of prison and felon-ship without standing out of hundreds of trillion of dollars of their hard-won wages. It is the greatest betrayal and scandal in the history of mankind. We must, again declare Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence. Americans cannot live any further with such betrayal and subjection. Send the link to this article and the one to the US Attorney General to all your senators, congress people and to as many newspapers and blogs you are subscribed to. Thanks! Let's get this country back on track! The constitution is for the rights and protection of the people, not for government. So, government cannot propose changes that can be approved by state governments as it has been done by government usurping the rights of the people to do such things. Only people can alter the constitution(s)!

Government, Federal Reserve banks and huge businesses now include into their operations mega-sized organized criminal organizations. This is possible because of the constitutional rights that exist for private citizens now seem to extend to licensed corporations. Constitutions are to define and protect the rights of private citizens. If corporations would receive protected privileges, these must flow forth from documents that separate the national and state constitutions from such government issued and controlled statements. The constitutions arrived at by the declarations of organic citizens always remains above of, and untouchable from any statements in such government-issued documents that protect the privileges that corporations and trusts now rely on. Corporations cannot rely, ever, on the constitutions that protect organic private citizens. If that is not so then fictional, organized criminal institutions rule the land; and we private citizens exist at their pleasure.

Government may claim that they give us benefits etc., etc. That is why we, the people, caused a government to exist; namely, to benefit us. That is all! It is for us people to decide in every age what the constitution means; and by that mandate government must abide until the constitution is again interpreted by we, the people. That is exactly why the people need a special Grand Jury to watch the government and tell it/ them (federal and state governments) what the constitution(s) really means and as a document by the people the Grand Jury must inform the people what changes ought to be made to the constitution and/or its amendments by placing the issues on the next ballot. Individual people can make suggestions to this Grand Jury and for them to decide whether the suggestion ought to be put before the people by placing it on the next ballot. We cannot give this right to the Attorney General; because we already found out from my letter to that office that it does not give a damn.

There is a huge injustice in our justice system that must be abolished. Rich companies, rich individuals, drug lords, and other successful criminal organizations when pulled into court by citizens or by prosecutors of the US or state can spent huge amounts of money to defend themselves. One cannot speak of justice as long as this is possible. In a true justice system the first thing a judge must determine, even before a trial starts is determine how much money the pourer of the parties can spent, by determining what is needed tp keep his expenses to such a level that his household can continue to operate without due strain. Then the judge will assign the amount of money each contender is allowed to spent o the trial. Rich people exist in full immunity because they are protected through their riches (which riches most likely were acquired illegally anyway). All judges know when one party is pulling a trial to a very costly snail's pace by introducing unnecessary motions, etc. They must have the power to stop such nonsense by warning the party with contempt and huge penalties if such tactics continue. This must be addressed in a n amendment to the constitutions and in the case of corporate actions, the legislature must put such laws into effect that prevent such incredible injustice.

I was once part of a partnership in drilling for oil which was successful. the well produced well and the partners received good return on investment; but the drilling company sold the well to to one of the big oil-refining companies. This oil-refining company immediately sued the partnership in court because it contested the payments it was to pay the members of the partnership. The company then offered to give those partners who did not want to fight the company in court 2 or tree times their investment dollars and the partnership lost about half its members that way, weakening the partnership for the legal coup d'etat.

Our weakened partnership, eventually,  had to settle for "less than half of the payments that we received before the sale of the well. How such injustices can happen is beyond the concept of real justice. I am sure that the drilling company was in cahoots with one of these oil-refining companies even before the drilling company started drilling, and that they do fool any new funding partnership routinely every time they plan to seek to finance funds for a another wildcat drilling operation. How is possible that any justice system allows such "legal" scams? I think you already suspect the answer. I fear that is they way the world operates in general. It cannot be helped. Believe me, it all come from spirit because that is where we got sheisted first.

It is ridiculous for any sane organic person to assume that real people can be subjected by means of “organic” rights, supposedly, extending to fictitious corporate rules and codes which are arrived at by mere conspiracies of licensed fictitious groups of people. It is exactly from such corruptions that the constitutions are meant to protect us, real people, from. Governments and licensed institutions must respect that. If they do not than then governments and licensed businesses are indeed organized criminal institutions.

Non-disclosure agreements that corporations insist employees must sign cannot overrule the rights and interests of the masses of private citizens of the state or the federation of states. If an employed private citizen whistleblower proves, or intends to prove that a situation exists in design, construction or the production of products that are a great danger to the general public, the whistleblower is immediately released from any such a nondisclosure agreement. The rights and public protection from harm overrides the intent and construction of such a nondisclosure agreement. Our society and governments are so screwed up that it will be a very difficult project to straighten it all out again. Nondisclosure agreements only exist in good faith environments -- only when both parties have the best of society in mind. Without this good faith to work for good, no agreement exists at all. In fact, without good faith nothing exists at all – not even government. If it can be proven that government does not act in good faith toward another entity, real or a fiction, government does not exists in this dispute.

We, the voting public of America can make changes to the state constitutions and the constitution for the United States of America by incorporating in the standard voting schedules, procedures and protocols for state and federal government a section called CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES where only organically born voters can propose changes to the constitutions by suggesting a chance to any particular constitution or its amendments by 2 people placing a suggestion on the ballot. Means have to be created to allow such suggestions to be part of the standard ballots for organic voters to decide on.

My suggestion is to cause all amendments voted in by government(s) to be made immediately of no effect, and by incorporating new amendments that agree with the masses of the people. The constitution presently insists on a 2/3 majority for changes to the constitution. This, also, should be amended to being a 5% majority. The next change should be to take government (state and federal) out of the amend process to the constitutions completely.

Also, we should create and approve an amendment restricting our government's involvement with the One World Order , an amendment that, among others, must exclude our armed forces from being ever employed to further the One World Order conspirators' purposes (or by whatever other name it is hiding behind).

Also, a newly created amendment should have a strong deterrent with stiff financial and prison sentences for individuals devising and placing prank-sort-of proposals on the ballot. If the permanent Grand Jury (talked about in this web page) finds the pranksters to be insincere, they will receive a by this Grand Jury declared punishment whereby the wealth and the degree of insincerity or cleverness of the amendment is taking in consideration of the stiffness of the punishments. For example, a billionaire should not be fined "an in the hundred's of dollars" fine but in the billions, etc.

Another amendment should address the unlimited immigration policies of the federal government. We should be much more careful allowing just everyone in our country.

Organized crime syndicates and other institutions of crime when identified should immediately be declared to be corporations because they are involved in criminal actions. When an attorney represents a criminal who clearly is a member of a criminal organization that lawyer just became the president of that criminal syndicate. He can only be cleared from that identification by identifying a superior of the accused and convicted criminal. Then this individual becomes the president CO of that syndicate, etc until the real culprit is identified.

Below see the kind of oaths soldiers must make to be employed by our armed forces. The constitution, as it is now, stinks; and our armed forces are our defense forces, not forces to be used to defend other countries. Presently, we defend democracy, but the nation is in fact, originally, declared by we, the people, to be a republic! Governments (not the people) changed it to a democracy!

Here is an example of how we are being duped to be subject to government. We got a little cartoon through the internet with a figure of president Trump saying "I am still your president." Trump is the president over government, but we chose him so, as standing in liberty goes, he is under us. He was chosen to lead the government, not "we, the people".

We, the people are forced by a perverted constitution to pay taxes on fear of being incarcerated and have our families and our liberties taken from us. Then, these collected taxes are used to fund the CIA to force upon all countries in the world to accept a higher order than the countries' own constitutions and even the constitution for the US government. Yes, presently, US government must uphold the UN dictates over and above the constitution and the liberty of the we, the people. The UN charter stand high above any domestic document. What happened to our constitution!

What is wrong with this oath?

navy sailor's oath


This oath states "the Constitution of America. This is a fraud because it should state "the Constitution for government of the United states (to exist)". Also, The US government claims to espouse the democratic way of government, but it and its ruthless conspirators are an Oligarchy. The conspiracy went ahead forging a One World Order without first consulting any of the people of the idea. Look back at the utter chaos government has wrought here in the US starting with the perversion of our constitution starting with the 14th and 16th amendments.

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Hans van Krieken: 5-13-2019

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A Possible Solution to Serious Viral diseases

I have heard of viruses that are devastatingly harmful to humans, like the aids virus and now the corona virus. I believe that the answer to diseases by viruses can be to discover harmless bacteria that like to feed on viruses. Such a bacterium must exist. Viruses are plant-like and bacteria are of the animal kind. So, let's find a bacterium that is a vegetarian and whose excrements are harmless to humans, even if we have to go 20.000 ft deep into the ocean to find them. But my guess is that if this virus came from a test tube then the anti-dote already exists. they would never release such a vicious virus without making sure that they themselves are protected from it. However; no one knew in the year 1950 about viruses, and no one died of them. They just appeared after the technology of gene-spicing became known. These viruses now make unbelievably great sums of money for those who finance and design them and then sell the anti-dote or vaccine to health systems around the world.

Ever heard of the phrase: Social engineering? It is going on continuously. This virus may be nothing else but an enormous, worldwide social engineering project. Who Knows but only the bad guys! There may even not be a virus at all; but we cannot take that chance and ignore the supposedly existing virus. If it is the case they managed to place the entire world under extremely inconvenience house arrest. Is It not worth it to consider that god is in charge of this behind the scenes. I have given you all the reasons to accept this fact, because it is true. we are mere puppets under his direction all the time. God is the animal, the paradisiacal serpent. He is Jehovah, and the spirit in Jesus that came among us wants us to return to spirit but Christianity is all hung up that god is good. No! the spirit in Jesus, is good. He s our god in paradise. He lost us because we believed that our god was a liar. and so we seeked (?) our shelter in the serpent who is now our god.

By the way, the optical lens gave science a terrific boost; and has given science huge insights up to this day. Even today the lens is a most important part in scientific instruments of research; but no one knows that the lens was invented and developed centuries ago by a Dutchman,. The lens has always been the center of all optical microscopes and telescopes and research instrumentation. I believe his name was Jan Huyhgens. He probably got the ideas by studying the the way light passes through the bottom of a broken glass bottle. Galilee used the lens to create a telescope with which he discovered planets and moons in our solar system.

Now-a-days we have faraday electronic lens systems, but the lens principle used is still about  the same as discovered by Jan.

Also, huge amounts of money can be made from a test-tube virus. Just by pretending to have no solution they may get government grants, people may donate huge sums and then some five months later after their factories have made huge amounts of antidotes it gets on the market expensively.

This corona virus, by the way, is another One World Order (OWO) Activity. The virus showed up in four completely different countries, spread no doubt by the CIA. Hitler did not die because he was one of OWO conspirators. He was taken by the Russians to USSR and retired there very comfortably. The civil war, the world wars and all the wars in between and after were OWO activities. This long-standing conspiracy could not care less about the number of people fall victim to their plans but in this case, also, there plans will be advanced greatly. Obviously the United Nations will become more prominent by supposedly fighting the virus and doing so in a "whole world" effort of containing the virus. Do not be fooled I know and have proven to myself that this true. No matter the amount and kind of vicious evil they do they always come out being on top being the good guys.

Here is another example of a colony that was to become independent and had to have examples of a people viciously fighting to gain their independence ‒ Vietnam. In order to show how courageously the North Vietnam forces and the people of north Vietnam had courage and bravery to gain an already decided for the independence the American and Allied forces had to oppose them with both hands tight to their backs. The Allied forces could not follow retreating NV forces beyond the demilitarized zone while the North did not care. The river leading from the Pacific to Hanoi was off limits by American authorities to be mined in order to allow Standard Oil oil shipments to go through to Hanoi. In during that war hundreds of thousands Allied troops and Americans died.

South Vietnamese did not want to fight, that is why the allied troops were called in. The South Vietnamese knew that they had family all over North Vietnam. The people in the North were forced to fight because really, they did not want to fight either, but a brutal North Vietnam regime under Ho Chi Minh brutally forced them to fight. The north was helped by China and the USSR and the South by America and other UN forces. It was clearly a OWO engagement just as the WWR was clearly A OWO conspiracy. Just remember the reasons for that war; Hitler was under training for some three years to engage in war that he was told not to win. The First World War was an even filthier OWO plot. The reasons for the OWO wars were to saturate the people and nations with such horror of the thought of more such wars so that they would simply surrender and go along with an equally filthy United Nations. Another institution heralded into being by US government. US government even volunteered the land in the City of New York to house this assembly of nations.

I Know that idea behind the One World Order is to secure world peace.  But it is a pipe dream. How ever are going to get around the war of Armageddon? We are in hands of the gods. They know what they are doing and why. The OPN World Order may think it is in control and keep deluding the people that evolution is our common background, but that is what the gods want most of you to think. Only condemned souls, after all, must hold physical reality in suspension. The universe cannot be held in suspension without all the souls it can get; and world activity must happen and therefore they need all the souls they can condemn to do it. Basta!

You just cannot trust what the news media tell you anymore. Propaganda has reached a high level of sophistication. But first of all, events are not controlled by men but by what the god's want them to do. Every Age produces the same result. It is the result planned from the beginning of this Age ‒ produce another son of god.

The fact that we can brainwash people (I know my kids were brainwashed against me), makes it plain that the gods can do it better.

Another scenario is like what they did in the decade after WW2. The world was to get rid of its colonies and establish these as independent nations. So, in many colonies OWO financed and pseudo-revolutions were planned that could never succeed. The idea behind this was to give the people residing in these colonies world-credit for fighting to become independent-nation motivated to hide the OWO force behind it and to establish to the world that these colonies deserved to be independent; even though such a spirit might have been lacking completely.

The long-term idea behind this was to advance the idea that we are all one and from the same common history. In the following years teen agers from all countries were given great opportunities to attend the western colleges and universities so that western knowledge would quickly spread throughout the then called third world nations. Now, some 70 years later, the common knowledge that we are all one and that science and technology spread around the world and in history all along common lines of thought and ingenuity. But for all of this to happen all humans have to be subject to higher human authority.

An example; My father was a commander in the Dutch East Indies army, of a prison camp holding some ten thousand prisoners, really families of prisoners. But once they were repatriated to Japan He was sent on a mobile infantry group finding terrorists who, supposedly, fought to liberate Dutch East indie. he went throughout the Island of Borneo to get at the terrorists. there were not any. He and his group were welcomed with open hearts and great measures of honor everywhere, with feasts, etc. Borneo liked everything just the way it was. The UN just wanted the inborlings in Indie to feel that they did not get their country for free, but had, supposedly to fight to get it. This just to give the people some manner of stature among the nations. The whole idea of independ wars was an illusion; something the One World Order wanted.

That is why the International bankers (whose idea the One World Order really is) after the civil war insisted that the US constitution demand that US citizens are subject to the United States. It is clearly a fraud. The final idea of the OWO is the extinction of the white Caucasian race, revealing directly who really behind the OWO drive. Yes, but nothing happens without the initiation of spirit, right.

This fits right in with my discussion at another place in this web site where I think that one reason that we have a deep-cutting economic depression every 8 or 10 years is to pass the wealth of the older generation to the younger generations. It has been about 10 years ago that we had the last economic depression. The Federal Reserve Bank was installed to guide the economy to prevent such strong fluctuating economic variations. This one is well hid by the OWO conspirators behind an "unexpected" serious worldwide virus attack. The FRB now knows it overplayed its hand in the past, so now they use worldwide health attacks to accomplish the same thing. But you notice, the last thing is guide the economy beneficially. All they do is manipulate the economy for the benefit of the OWO conspiracy ‒ and the federal government and our news media are riddled with these conspirators.

And yet, just over the horizon of time there hides the war of Armageddon. And even in that coming event, not men but the gods will determine the time and outcome. My stance toward it is that I just rest in god / the spirit in Jesus. With trust in him I am save always.

Say, the virus was manufactured in America and the virus was then, among others, released in China, and then give China the seemingly great motivation to develop the antidote with a news media backed message that China already had developed at an earlier time an antidote for another dangerous virus strain. The secret motivation behind this is of course to give >China more respect world-wide as a successful science-oriented nation. Not that China does not have this kind of spirit but the OWO wants it the supposed greatness and the sincerity of its efforts broadly broadcast to establish it as one of the most powerful nations as the great four during and after WW2 once were. At present China is a formidable nation probably soon the most powerful. It finally smarted up like the USSR did. It is better to play communism in the open market than hide behind “separateness”. It paid off hugely for them. We all have President Nixon to thank for opening China to trade with its outside world. Nixon was not altogether the bad guy.

Introduction to the extend, duration and limits of the most prevalent and relevant forms of reality and their operations. These realities are the nature of spiritual realities and the physical realities. Other realities of much lower order are, for instance and among many others, rules and strategies of banking, the uniform commercial code, the uniform code of military justice, and many other forms of uniform codes, trade association, federal laws world-wide treaty laws, state laws, etc., laws and regulations that are promulgated every day by the United Nations, in order to implement the One World Order and on the spiritual side, the several planes of existence, like the akashic planes of existence. We will not address these lesser sort of realities because they are not of interest in these following articles and not of consequence in the major two sets of realities.

In the spiritual reality we have the reality of truth, and the reality of lie. These two realities act in opposite ways exactly contrary to each other and are absolute dichotomies. Truth in spirit is reality, ultimate and never-ending. Truth cannot contain even the hint of a lie (fiction), because the hint or the slightest insinuation of a lie would depreciate truth into absolute nothingness. It is either all truth or nothing. That is the primary issue.

This is the logic by which a phony reality is constructed: It must seem so real that the entities in it cannot view it any other way than that the reality is “REAL”. So, our immediate assumption as entities in the physical reality must be, “suppose it to be not real.” Then you have the major hurdle already under your belt. And, low and behold: The Bible suddenly starts to make a lot of sense; and a lot of unexplainable statements of Jesus suddenly start making a lot of sense! Read it, at least the four gospels; and you’ll see! There are also many miracles in the old testament; like at one time the sun did not move for some 12 hours and no relationships in the planetary system was affected, when Moses hit a rock and water gust from it to allow the Israelites to drink and to water the cattle or   when the Red Sea was parted to allow the Israelites to pass to escape Pharaoh's army. These are all recorded facts in history. Hordes of people witnessed these things. And all this, and many, many more miracles just as a forerunner show to the coming of Jesus. Naturally, Jesus had to perform miracles to link him to all the miracles recorded in the Old Testament. The people from that time had no clue, understanding or the working of a virtual reality, but they did record these miracles, probably for people in our age to understand. Here is another example that indicates that animals have souls. A prophet was riding along on a donkey and suddenly the donkey stopped and the prophet could not get the donkey going again. At last the donkey said " Stop hitting me, there is an angel in front of me"! This is in the bible. If donkeys can see angels, they must have souls.

Later on I give as example, and of enormous first rate importance, the story of god, the serpent, Adam and Woman. I quote from the Bible, the version of which is utterly unimportant. I use the Good News Bible, a catholic version, although I am not catholic or a member of any other form of religious practice, but I have great respect and appreciation of them. Many of these forms of religious organization are important and of power to save souls from spiritual perdition. I will address "being saved" and "being redeemed" at later stages in this series of articles. Don’t let the mention of the bible disenchant anyone of the importance of the knowledge I herein dispense.

For one thing, for someone to tell a lie it is pertinent for the liar to know the truth. A lie cannot exist without the implied or hidden knowledge of the truth. So, a lie for its existence, depends on the truth while the truth has no inkling idea that a lie might even be possible or exist.

Life on earth is impossible, better yet; physical reality could and cannot exist without many elaborate schemes of propaganda / brainwashing / cultural institutions, etc. Life on earth is one gigantic, enormously large, complicated and extremely interesting propaganda scheme (I call it universal propaganda) or, if you will, some kind of spiritual computer program based on a spiritual lie. And this physical reality program is empowered by the charge of this dichotomy and the regulated discharge of this potential difference created by this dichotomy. They are these very common sort of propaganda schemes held in the minds of groups of creatures that form our species, races, societies, communities and nations of the world in separate and different unities; and they represent our standing in the negative spiritual hierarchy (the realm of the spiritual lie.) I mention creatures, because almost every breathing or oxygen absorbing sort of creature is similarly bound together in schemes of propaganda. We call these systems of propaganda to be the several species, the ways of being of the great number races, cultures, religions and sub-cultures, and plant-nurtured organisms on earth.

All the schemes of reality and the reality of associations mentioned above and all others possible forms of groups of by-propaganda-induced  associations are based on propaganda schemes held to be truthful by those adhering to them; but are based on schemes of lies, even the proponents of akashic planes of existence and many religions and forms of meditation. Without some scheme of propaganda we could not exist as individuals, or as groups of like-minded people, groups of creatures, species and ecological systems.

What it really comes down to, is that all things existent consist either of one of the 97 elements or combinations of them to form ions and molecules. If you simplify it even further it comes down to protons neutrons and electrons. One can even further break these down to several charged particles. In other words, it is not such a far reach to allow our minds to think that a sort of computer and a complicated computer program in spirit has created physical reality; and the program is projected through our lie-believing souls on a screen of physical space.

In the articles following I use the writing in the bible and of Jesus as examples to get at the truth of things. So follow me on a spectacular journey through some important realities.

First, what helped me enormously in my education, and my direction of philosophy is the book by Jacques Ellul,  This book should be in every one’s library and should be read many times.  Here it is:

 Propaganda: the Formation of Man’s Attitude (available from Amazon for about $6,50)

The gist of what I write here is factual and cannot be readily refuted because I have checked the matter from many angles and resources. It is entirely biblical and in according to what Jesus told us and what he thought. He let us know that we reincarnate and that this age will come to an end. The net described below describes physical reality to the teeth, and allows for everything in physical reality a place to be. It is seamless. It is physical reality that agrees with physical matter, animal nature, and biblical ideas of hell and ultimate perdition when nothing is done in the human mind to counteract the perditious nature of physical reality. It accords to physical nature a place for a lake of fire, which cannot be anything else but the stomachs of physical creatures. Nature consumes everything, bodies and all. If the total of stomach acids would be joined into one whole there truly would be one huge lake.  All weird concepts pronounced in the bible can be readily explained using the model of an inter-active computer program, such as walking on water and changing water into wine. Basically, physical reality is hell. I believe most people already agree on that, but the hidden aspects of such hell are unimaginable for people to understand.

If humans have souls, and I know they do, then everything else in the universe has soul. It is either that everybody and everything has soul or nothing and nobody has soul.  The universe is program played by every soul that has existed from the beginning on. Star dust is played by souls very deeply imbedded in the spiritual trap "physical reality".

The movie, Adjustment Bureau is a spectacular story that brings into view several principles that are basic to finding the spiritual truth as told here in - to find back and regain one's full liberty. The movie was made in 2008 and the creators must have come upon my articles which at that time I distributed to radio hosts and Christian ministers through the mail. They could not have gotten the ideas anywhere else.

This must be the most difficult book to sell. The reason is that people have been so loaded down with sentiments and brainwashing against the title of my first book carries: The Truth about Reality; beyond God and Religion. The more learned the reader is the more prejudiced he/she will be against the truth of reality. We are already so   brainwashed for physical evolution or for our traditionally held religious beliefs in the false god, Jehovah or Allah, or whatever his name might be that the concepts in this book carry an enormous taboo for modern man; but only modern man could possibly understand and visualize that it is how physical reality got into existence. Not evolution, not god alone, but our own spiritual minds have created and uphold this physical reality after the belief that the true god, not Jehovah, the Great Spirit or Allah, has created this universe. The false god made us believe that the true god is a liar, so we had no choice but to consider the true god to be a liar and thus souls disgraced and ignored Him ever after and thus souls followed the liar as the great truth-sayer. Yet, what everybody needs to know to get the spiritual truth back is in this website and in this book.

The problem is that propaganda believed grounds us into the physical, and thus we all, as people, are saturated into many propaganda schemes, even the propaganda of physical reality in which we find our being, peace, calm, associations and our saneness as human beings. That is the reason Jesus shed his blood for our salvation. Salvation, though, is something entirely different from redemption. Redemption brings us back into the spirit of truth; salvation prevents us from falling deeper and deeper into the physical trap which is hell. Notice, I say we fall deeper . . . ; this means we are already in hell. Salvation occurs while in hell and the saved remain in a section of hell called heaven. This is in full agreement with what Jesus teaches. But Jesus stressed on us being saved rather than redeemed because our minds can buy into salvation but we were and still are utterly unable to even imagine redemption back into spirit when we repent from the spiritual lie believed that the serpent told us in paradise.

Salvation means to be saved from the effect of breaking Jehovah's laws in the physical environment; redemption is the result of remembering as soul our error in believing that the true god is a liar and then repenting from that false belief from a position of an entity in physical reality transferring this idea back to the real entity in spirit - soul. Now, there you have the gist of all that matters in our lives. How this is so, is treated further below in a description of the trap and how it works and, of course even better in the book "the Truth About reality; beyond God and Religion". Propaganda is based on presumptions that are often not true or are supposed to give the propaganda source an edge ove2 a group of people. Propaganda keeps us dead in spirit and tied into the physical realm. However, religious organizations put out their own propaganda and at the same time are caught in non-religious / non-related national and commercial propaganda systems. This is basically so because church organizations are set up as commercial (non-profit) enterprises and must be agreeable to the source of power that reigns over them. This makes being a sincere part of a regular religious institution null and void as far as your salvation is concerned. For salvation to work, you must place your trust solely in Jesus, the Christ who is in charge of the program and the results expected from it (and definitely not in schemes of propaganda.

Nothing in the physical universe can escape corruption. Thus the constitution declared by "us the people of America,' the bible, and any other sacred documents, cannot escape corruption. In the universe nothing, not even the (physical) truth, can exist without being corrupted. So we, the people live solely by the grace of god. Make no mistake there is god and many, many minor gods. The statement by god/Jehovah, that he is the only god proves to us that he is right materially, but this god is a liar spiritually. Even the "truth" as we know it in earth is a lie. There are at least two spiritual systems of truth. The real spiritual truth and the truth in the physical realm based on spiritual lie. I call these realms the realm of positive spirit and the realm of  negative spirit. We, as spirits and as humans are caught in the latter.

I give you a perfect example of something physically good; the internet. See how social criminals and crooks for gain have perverted the internet with spam, with viruses, identity theft, and other system of attack on private and public data files. When the internet got started, I could never even imagine people perverting the uses of the internet.

Nothing in earth is safe from perversion and betrayal.    Physical reality is hell.

How our Monetary System Works 15

A Proposal for a General Election to Change Amendments, the Constitution for the United States, for Dissembling and Reuniting of the Union of States and to Create a State of the District of Columbia. The arguments on which these proposals rest follow below.

I would like to understand the following: In the case of all the amendments placed into law by the legislatures of the states, who proposed the adoption of the new amendment? It seems that most of them really do not concern the states at all; such as the 14th and 16th amendments. If one of the departments of the federal government wrote and proposed the amendments for the state legislatures to adopt, then these amendments are, without question, unconstitutional! Federal government cannot propose an amendment because federal government is bound to the stake as far as the constitution is concerned. It cannot propose or create amendments. I know that the people have been betrayed by both federal government and the state legislators. Let’s not forget that government cannot be trusted, so when government starts writing and proposing constitutional law, we know that we just had been had.

If it is at all possible for US government to propose an amendment to the Constitution it ought to be first introduced to the Grand Jury; a jury that remains seated for the duration of two years and then determines which people shall be seated in this Grand Jury after them. This jury should consist of at least 60 people. Such a Grand Jury ought to really consider if the people really want to be saddled with the proposed change, because any amendment US government proposes would afflict the general populace in a negative way, before it is submitted for a vote by all of we, the people. Also this jury must approve any agreements with foreign nations or with he UN.

It is utterly unconstitutional for government to compose and propose constitutional law without it being placed for consideration before the Grant Jury. That ought to be an amendment in itself. If most amendments after the 11th have entirely by passed the citizens of the United States, the Grand Jury ought to stat a class-action suite against the government.

The Civil War was the purpose of, and the means whereby all American state citizens lost their status as free people through subversion of trust. After the Civil War, government officially incorporated this fall from free citizens to serfs of government by demoting the people and their posterity by a deceitfully promoted and government adopted 14th Amendment to the constitution, declaring All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof  . . . (and thus “subject” to the laws of the United States [now, supposedly, the sovereign over all the states]). Yet, even after this amendment, people still thought and think of them-selves as being free. The preamble wording of the 14th amendment should have stated: “All people, who were part of and included in this original constitutional agreement, their descendents and those naturalized in the United States are unburdened and free United States citizens . . .” This would have stated the same thing without alluding that the free people are subject to anything at all. The way it is written and the way it is followed by the 16th amendment represents treason from the several governments against We, the free people of the United States.

The law was asked for by the International bankers (IB) before they could make deals with USG. For the monetary system to work all people using the currency nationally and locally must accept certain financial system rules and laws; it makes sense to make all state citizens subject to these necessary financial rules in order to safeguard the currency from non-regulated misuse. Just like we, the free people, are under the jurisdiction of the traffic laws. It all makes sense in order to make community living ordered and bearable.

I now understand why people wanting a bank account must sign a document stating to accept all federal laws. This clause in the bank contract is, of course, too broad a statement because one can be only subject to one major jurisdiction. It should have stated “users of the currency must be subject to the federal financial laws”. The federal courts use the contracts signed by you to obtain federal jurisdiction for any crime. Now in order to be free from this federal jurisdiction is to rescind all bank contracts which of course no one is going to do. So, they got us like herring in a net because we must use the bank system to deal, publicly and privately, with the local and greater community with the currency system in use. So, if you forgot to cancel a bank contract which account still has $.01 in it you still fall under federal jurisdiction. That is how this works. I know this from personal experience. The phony 14th and 16th amendments cause organically free people to have to pay taxes. That is a crime because these two amendments make the entire constitution a fraud. Government made it a fraud so, in fact, we have no rights or free status. This situation is now called the default mode of operation because no one has ever questioned these serious frauds to our government-pledged liberty. That is why I am now bringing it up to the general public. Support my writings above and beyond your efforts because this affects all of us. We are not subject but government is subject to the people.

The problem with the above current 14th amendment’s statement( see the statement I am referring to above in the second paragraph) is that, we, the people are free and are subject to NO ONE but PROVIDENCE. This falsely phrased sentence in the amendment has been interpreted by the government (also including the Supreme Court) that we, the American free people, are subject to USG. This is not so; government, according to the constitution is subject to we / us / the people. From this misstatement in the 14th amendment was the 16th Amendment arrived at; and from that amendment government has had us under a severe yoke of slavery and the threat of prison enforced taxes. I believe, USG overstepped its boundaries by forcing overall jurisdiction on all the people in all matters. This is wrong; that is why I have been thinking about the idea stated below.

Concerning the rectification of the 14th and 16th amendment to the constitution I suggest that we hold a general election like we do for electing a president; but we do it without electors at all. This ought to be a decision only by the people; anything over 50% of the voters deciding the outcome.

I have been thinking of making the District of Columbia the 51st state. Presently this district is, internationally, a sovereign state and as such acts as if this sovereign state is the master of the states and their inhabitants. I want to bring the sovereign state down to state level. The people living in this district are Americans and they should be eligible to voting rights, just like the rest of us. They also should be able to vote on the redetermination of these two amendment changes. And when this is done we should eliminate the present unification of the states altogether and reform the union according to a redefined constitution and on the unification set-up of countries/states as is done in Europe; so that all the states in the union get representation in the United Nations; just as it is in Europe. And we should only hold presidential approval elections on a constitutional basis, instead of running new election campaigns every four years. If less than 50% of the votes support the present president, we hold a re-election campaign to elect a new president. If 50% or more of the votes approve of the sitting president we keep him and his administration in office. That is how the crown of England decides whether to retain its present government or not. We, the American people, are the king/queen of the United States. It would save oodles of money, we keep a well-trained and oiled efficient administration in office, avoid innumerable immediate changes and unnecessary proposals for laws we can just as well do without.

Next, I would propose a change to the Constitution by declaring that only the people have the right to change the federal constitution and to make amendments to the federal constitution. With the modern voting support machinery we really do not have any reason to allow state legislatures to make that decision. This also should be handled in this same general election for the changes of the 14th and 16th amendments; all in their own separate voting issues. If any other changes should be made it should also be included in this same election. Let’s throw government out of the business of messing with our constitution and re-give liberty to the people. The 14th amendment can be easily rephrased because our bank modified contracts could now read that we are subject to only to the financial laws of the currency system. This is fair because we all use a federally underwritten monetary system.

About the Federal Reserve Bank’s (FRB) Printed Currency Scheme and my Proposals for Change

When the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) sends the US government (USG) notice that it received a shipment of printed bank-notes from the US Treasury, it would be lying if it informs the government that it is a value-charged currency. It is not. The notes are only script pieces of paper on which denominational values have been printed; the individual script worth no more than  2 or 3 cents apiece. So, when USG is approved for a loan, of say $10,000,000,000, both the FRB and USG know that a huge fraud has been perpetrated of which the human American public is the victim, unless the USG underwrites this loan with a valid promissory note. But how can USG give out a valid promissory note if it does not produce a profit? The loan must be approved by Congress; but what is USG given as security? Our federal land held in trust with USG or other things as well? According to trust laws the trust managers are able to squander all assets in (supposed) good faith investments and transactions. In fact, the money script remains only paper script until the public wants cash for their value in their bank accounts. then the script receives it's face value. This is because the face value has been committed to it by people withdrawing funds from their accounts. So, no crimes have been committed by the FRB and government.

USG spends the duly charged digital/script with tax-collected currency by buying goods and services from the corporate market. Corporate-management accepts it as value-charged. The people receive their pay in the form of a check or a digital deposit in their personal accounts. This charges their accounts with the pay check values. When the people in turn want to withdraw money from their account, the bank charges empty script with the value the person is withdrawing from his account. When the bank teller hands the script over to the account holder the currency he/she receives is charged with value subtracted from the person's account. The people accept this currency as real valuables and spent it in the consumer market and among each other.

The Federal Reserve Bank’s script has now been charged with the real labor of real people. The bank charged the valueless script with their real labor deposited in their account. It would be a crime if the currency would remain uncharged and spend for products and services for which any counterfeiter goes to jail when caught. If we are so treated then officials engaging in this sort of counterfeiting should be treated worse because they commit the crimes on trust given them from the government and the people.

I see a need for children in school to be taught how the monetary system works because I am educating myself just now. I have made grave wrongful accusations which I hereby retract and ask to be forgiven.

Now look here. The constitution, thus the people, charged USG with the job of creating practical currency. USG subcontracted that job to a non-government institution, the FRB who uses script that, upon issue to people and corporations can be charged with personal bank controlled currency possession, issued to people in denominations of our dollar-established value system of script values. It turns out that neither government nor the bank created a value-charged currency, but the people themselves did the charging of the script with its printed on denominational value through accepting script in exchange of their hard work.

In the old days money was backed by gold and/or silver. When you turned a $10.00 script, you received gold or silver. You knew that you were not cheated. Nowadays, you turn in a script of $10.00 you get another piece of paper. Government tries hard to prevent counterfeiting, but as far as our currency is concerned it is a marvelous and very convenient system, but like with everything else, without honesty, it will operate but with losses to all of us who use it honestly. Honest people will always be at the mercy of dishonest people; that is why physical reality is called hell by many people.

The American people accepted worthless script paper for labor and sweat performed on real products and services. The people created the value written on the script with real effort. The Federal Reserve Bank (a private institution) only owned near-valueless paper script. People’s labor and efforts actually charged the paper script with the face value printed on the script. Once the script is in circulation it retains the value printed on the script which was charged into it with the face value by people, and not by the banks. The bank still owns the (none)-3 cent paper script value; that is all the value the FRB can claim is theirs; and it did so by order of a client: USG. At the counter in the private banks or ATMs people can exchange their digitally recorded account value for the script notes that represents valid currency, but the people, not the bank, placed the value on the currency. All the bank gives you is but a 3 cent per individual note or so that guarantees that the face value of the note has been charged into the note and subtracted from a valid bank account.

The FRB was placed in business by the promise to guide the economy with the powers received so that our economy would not repeatedly fall into depressions. They have not done that, because we have had economic depressions galore since its inception. What the FRB is really doing by creating these depressions is making the older generations poor by redistributing the common operating currency wealth to the younger generations. During depressions work becomes scarce and economic values tumble. Experienced (older workers lose their jobs which they will be unable to continue when the recession is over). This makes that older people must sell their properties, which become available to younger generations at very depressed prices; and the older generations must eat into their retirement savings to make ends meet while they are still included in the national active labor pool. The young people are generally hired when economic conditions again improve. These young ones are better taught, better adapted to the new technologies and they get paid far less than the scuttled older generations. It is all a scheme, because the future belongs to the young who, through such depressions, are brought to think that all is well; but when they get older the same can be expected to hit them, etc. I can see it in no other way.

Thus, I must stress that the people are not subject to government ─ federal or state in nature. You must be convinced of that or our constitution is not going to help us. Here is why. The constitution is a set of demands by which we, the people will tolerate a government to be placed in operation for the operation of itself with the full insurance that the people will always be free and remain free and with a valid, honestly working currency system. Thus, no amendment can ever be constitutional that, even in the vaguest manner, insinuates that the people might be subject to government. So, again, it must be stressed that, for starters, the 14th amendment must be rephrased as shown above or even better; and the 16th amendment (being utterly unconstitutional), must be forthwith deleted and be made of no effect whatsoever.

Furthermore, it is only just that all those people arrested and put in jail by the IRS, and what stands for our bogus federal justice system, who are still living should receive $200,000 for each year they have been sentenced in jail; and their immediate families, who suffered the loss of their loved ones, should receive each $100.000 for each year of the wrongfully executed sentences of their immediate relatives and for the loss they experienced of their husbands, fathers, sons and/or daughters. These amounts have been picked from the ether. These amounts should be considerably more, but they are the minimum amounts these people deserve for being purposely, utterly falsely arrested, processed in the courts and jails and then imprisoned to sit out their wrongfully arrived at sentences.

Also, I cannot see it as right that our government system is set in such a way that it/they can throe us out of our homes, bankrupt us and imprison us. The economy is so fragile, manipulated by the big boys and our employment so unsure because of myriad different things that can affect us financially over which we have control and can cause us to be forced to surrender our homes, often our marriages and .send to prison. I government that is unable to provide security and dignity to honest people working people is far off from giving people the freedom and peace that is so paraded by all, and this as false and phony as currency made from feces.

Any barred attorney or judge can figure out that the 14th and 16th amendments are a government and banking conspiracy to commit treason against the people/citizens of the United States and in violation against the constitution of America. But about the word bogus as referring to the federal court system, I mean that the Supreme Court should have noticed that the 16th amendment is a fraud. It should have given notice to government to bring an appropriate correction to bring the constitution back into a validly operating condition. However the Supreme Court can only act on complaints from one or more of the people or from a corporate fiction. We have no watchdog agency of we the people that can make a complaint of such matters and we should have such a watchdog institution. I, just, can do all that by my little self.

They ignored these violations and continued over prolonged periods to use these fake amendments together with a mis-phrased individual signed bank account contracts claiming that holders of bank accounts must uphold all federal laws in order for people to have a contract with a bank; thus giving government fraudulent jurisdiction in federally filed criminal cases. It placed the US justice department in conspiracy with the rest of the anti-constitutional criminal plans to subject the people of America to US government and imprison them on false/phony charges. But, we, the people, stated in the constitution that we will be benefited with a fully operating and guaranteed currency system. This currency system must come to us free, without limiting or subordinating factors for one or all of we, the people's liberty/freedom. Thus any taxes required for the operation of USG must come, not from people but from the fictionally established corporate structure's businesses. Corporations receive the benefit of limited liability and actually by getting standing in public court as if these corporations are organic entities, which limited liability and court standing, I would say, requires of them to collect the taxes from the people by charging these taxes into the products or services they sell; because the free people should not be bothered to be required to pay them under threat of government formulated penal laws.

After about 250 years of living with the original constitution and with the democratic system of government it is up to the people to study and edit the constitution to eliminate any uncertainty about the meaning of any article and to thoroughly edit all the amendments and either delete the ones reeking of government scheming by incorporating those amendments that still make sense and deleting those who have enslaved us to our servants. For one thing I must adamantly state that the age limit of the voting age should definitively not be 18 years but should be raised to at least 28 years of age. 18 Year old children have no life experience to vote with the more mature and experienced folks. The present minimum voting age creates more harm than good, because it makes the overall vote meaningless. Children are children and should not be required to assume the duties of mature adults.

Many of these children may be employed by freewill by the US armed forces that coerced them to take a completely wrong oath -- the correct oath is to fight to defend the constitution and the active aggressors against our laws and National Independence and other enemies of the people's liberty but they are still kids and the armed forces do not now primarily defend the country but require the armed forces personnel to attack foreign nations that do not conform to a democratic form of government. This oath is in conformance the One World Order conspiracy efforts to create a One World Order democratic super-state by coercing smaller nations to abandon their non-democratic structures and instead by adopting the US-modeled corporate democratic government structure; thereby forcing the choice of government for these nations from them. Our entire government system has been invaded, the coalition of international bankers who masterminded the 14th and 16th amendments to the constitution. Presently, our entire government system is a hoax. In my considered opinion it operates in anti-constitutional mode. USG should mind America before anything else! We probably were better off with King George of England than we are now with the “supposedly” so good and sound constitutional democratic system. The smartest country in the world is Spain because they were wise enough to bring their king back into office.

Anyway, by keeping track of the script notes when the are issued to people banks can know where we will use these notes. So, when you spend liquid money at a restaurant, the owner will return the notes to a bank for deposit and the bank will thus know where the money was spent. This can thus be important to the banking industry to discover the trends where people spend their money. The loan officers of the banks can thus know which industries are becoming more popular for acquiring products and services and will allow easier loan conditions to those falling into the trending kind of businesses than to industries that are in the decline. The same, of course is true for transactions done by credit card. Banks know where to invest and where to withheld credit by looking over the statistics

All of what I am writing about the money system I am merely finding out from just thinking about it. That is how my mind got sidetracked with my previous idea of the National Debt. I could not, at first, comprehend that government actually goes out and goes into the financial market to obtain loaned credit.

I could not understand where and how government gets it collateral. Government is the trust manager of all federal public ands. It must place such lands as collateral for its loans. Trust managers in general can invest property held in their trust at their option and at the best rates of return. The FRB who is the USG’s banker holds these properties as collateral. As long as USG pays at least the interest and makes strenuous efforts to pay the loans off, the collateral is safe. If it does not, the bank is authorized to sell part of such property so that the debt and loan balances remain within the stipulated loan conditions. This means that those properties acquired by the bank can be sold to anyone. I remember hearing that a Japanese corporation holds very large tracks of land in Montana and other states up north where they produce large amounts of livestock for consumption in Japan. Maybe that is how investors in Japan got a hold of these properties. These sold properties, however, remain in state and/or federal jurisdiction./p>

 I have always listened to others about how government manages its currency system and have always been 95% in the dark about how the money system really works, and the way USG and FRB operate on the financial scene. At least on paper I am now convinced that all is on the up and up. I am sorry about my premature haste on giving you all the wrong impression and I have a high level of confidence that what I have thought up here is correct. It cannot really be otherwise. I am assured at this point that the dollar currency system is all level and above board. The FRB is a competent and honorable institution. And I hope that, in the future High School children will receive proper in-debt training in how our currency system works. How, otherwise, can we get a properly educated and insightful voting constituency and an intelligently operating democracy.


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Talking about physical reality

Do you know that about 45% of the entire mass of the universe is tied up in black hole mass? The center of any galaxy is concentrated in a huge black hole that provides the gravitational force to keep a galaxy together as a unit. Each galaxy must have a central gravitational force that must be around 45% of the galaxy. Without a central gravitational force a galaxy could not exist because the arrangement would be too unstable to survive. Furthermore, galaxies must be so far separated from each other that the gravitational force of one cannot have any force left to affect its neighbors. That spaciousness we see in the universe accounts for the stability of the entire universe.       

Space keeps the galaxies in place

We have never been able to discern a central star that could be the central gravitational force of a galaxy; besides, such a star would self-destruct into its own mass and condense into a black hole. This universal stability is the only stability one can find in the entire whole or any of its parts -- the stability of the whole universe. Everything else is subject to corruption and disintegration. All this mathematical correctness of the universe points directly to the creativeness of god. The universe is a fiction in spirit and has no weight, influence or power there. It is a sort of game that starts and stops when certain goals or mile stones occur that require its start or end. The game has had infinitely many new starts and ends. Jesus referred to the end of this age by saying that stars will go out of their orbits and fall willy-nilly etc. The start, of course, occurs by Woman and Adam in paradise to believe the true god to be a liar, and the end occurs when a part of the fiction recognizes the fraud and the belief in a spiritual lie on which the game age has been started. The end occurs when an entity caught up in the fraught again unveils the spiritual truth which has been hidden during the rest of the age. This truth is that god is reality and that by an entity not believing this to be the truth the entity throws itself by its own accord from reality into fiction. The fiction is physical reality created by souls believing a spiritual lie with each soul having been given an identity in this fictional reality and with multiple reincarnations to let souls participate in it in several phases during the entire age.

The big bang of the Big Bang Theory is only implied in the setting up of the game, just as are all things in earth that seem to have a beginning prior to about 30,000 years ago. These creative events are only implied at the start of the game and designate the props with which the program find its start. The rest of creation is according to genesis 1 in the Bible. The fall of Adam (and Woman as Eve) takes place some 18,000 years after what god created in genesis 1. Of course, what god created in genesis 1 are only implementary steps at the start the newly started game game that create a fully operating physical eco-system and physical setting as a stage into which the latest set of Adam and Eve start their history in the age.

In fact these spiritually designed ages have gone on for so many times that everything in the universe at one time or another was attached to a white person's soul. Nothing exists that is not soul. For explanation see article

 Why woman in spirit was separated from man and other articles in To Articles and book pages and in Additional articles

Sexuality is impossibility in the framework of an evolutionary progression of the physical universe / world. Male and female entities would have to happen from a non-sexual species of creatures; one entity develops as male and the other as female simultaneously. These separate progressions cannot possibly develop at the same time and create a fully male and female couple in the time-span for both the male and the female to be sexually viable and active; if they would even understand what is involved to bear an offspring. Secondly, the two separately developing sexual entities could not possibly be able to meet each other if they were even a 2-days’ journey apart, more likely they would be in separate continents. Since evolution is a random process sexuality and the developing of sexual species is thus completely impossible. Sexuality proves that a god created sex and thus everything else of a physical nature.    Hans van Krieken    20 6 2018

Jesus (the Christ) of the New Testament in the Bible taught two doctrines; he taught that it is impossible for mankind not to sin and at another occasion he taught that one must be as perfect as god is perfect. Both teachings are utterly correct even though in contradiction. For those who seek salvation in Jesus Christ know that they cannot not sin, so they accept Jesus' offer of salvation by having faith in the fact that he is the son of God/Jehovah and that he will keep such people safe from perdition. Those, whether they are a part of the organized religions or individual believers, find salvation in Christ and forgiveness of sins as revealed by Moses and Isaiah. These souls will be saved from the wrath of Jehovah but are not set free from their error and fall from paradise. Jesus preached as son of the most high god and also as the Son of Man for Jehovah - two different gods. Read why this is so in other articles in this site or in the book.

We are dealing here with two value systems; one that is applicable for us as humans in the physical universe (somewhere behind the east gate of paradise now two angels with fiery swords stand guard so that we cannot reenter as spirits) and the other value system where we as spirit/souls have exchanged the true god for a liar because of what the serpent in the tree stated in answer to Womans statement. The serpent said "That is not true, you will not die when you eat from this tree; you will be like god". Woman believed the serpent and thus accepted the liar as the truth-sayer (Genesis 3: 1 - 7). When Jesus is acting as the son of Jehovah / the serpent (through his physical mother Mary) he is dealing with us in our human capacity (as entities born of Eve, mother of all mankind, not as Woman created from a rib of Adam who is presently dead to paradise). In the human capacity we as spiritually dead entities in Adam and Woman are dead to truth through their fall from paradise and we, unless saved in Jesus, are also dead to Jehovah through our inability as humans to live sinless physical lives. But when Jesus is speaking as the son to the true god and the father of our creation as spiritual entities in Adam and Woman in paradise, we remain dead in paradise in spite of Jesus saving us from our sins as humans until we can again (in spirit, as soul entities) become utterly in accord with the true fact that the true God is perfect. Jesus tells us that we must be as perfect as his father in truth is perfect. We, as spirits and not as humans, cannot exhibit any flaws of imperfection and Jesus' acts of saving us from sin will not help here. But the book of Genesis and others in the Old Testament of the Bible and in his own teaching in the New testament Jesus allows us to know that the true god also exists and that we do not know him at all. When fully informed of that fact and when we reaccepts through our own understanding that the true god is the only god that exists we will be again as perfect as god is perfect.

Because of these two unrelated value systems we have the human value system of truth which truth is based on the spiritual lie we as spiritual entities believed in paradise; which means that we have abandoned the true god as a lying piece of feces and have accepted this spiritual liar (Jehovah, Allah or whatever his name might be in other religious groups) as the true god who through Moses have relayed Jehovah's laws, ordinances and demands to us. Muhammad set out the laws applicable to Muslims. Muhammad, by the way takes the first five books of the Jewish Torah as the word of god. The other value system is the spiritual truth which is the only god. So the difference between these two value systems is that the true spiritual truth is based on spiritual truth and that the other value/negative system of truth is based on a spiritual lie which lie is the foundation of truth in the universe.

Also consider that our souls are made of truth but our bodies are made of products of lies. Only entities that are made of truth/truth are good, anything made of truth/lies is evil. That is what the lesson of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is all about. After we have descended into the virtual realm of physical nature, while our souls are made of truth we, made who are made of truth/evil can at some stage of understanding attain the spiritual bodies that consists of truth/truth. It is the knowledge we gained from the tree of good and evil that makes some of us good/good. It is a step up from the bodies of Adam and Woman in paradise and it is the new body of a newly born son of god! Adam and Woman in paradise were not complete yet, but our experience in this physical age as physical creatures we (my wife and I) as souls did gain the knowledge of evil so that we, as souls, can be like god; and thus be god. It is spiritually good to know what evil is because god knows what good and evil are. I have approached this conversion from spiritually incomplete to spiritually complete from several angles in my articles because one of those angles may just convert you from ignorance to full understanding. This is the second birth Jesus preached about. Physical life means nothing, the spirit is everything; unless you translate all you experience in earth to the spiritual counterpart you have learned nothing because spirit is all, and matter is fiction/nothingness in spirit.

This knowledge of evil can be compared to the following argument. People who talk bad about another person without much fact other than that they don’t like someone is like murder. Without prove these kind of attacks are nothing more than hearsay. To talk like this to another person’s small children is atrociously vicious. Life, basically, is based on relationships. If a person destroys another person’s relationship with family members, friends and colleges, that is basically all the life the targeted person has. To destroy these relationships is truly mass murder. Each relationship is a life thing. A relationship is a living thing; and it is very, very fragile. If trust is broken by some gossip, it is a severe blow to the relationship. God, also, stated that causing a relationship to break is murder. In genesis 2, 3 and 4 in the Bible you can read about it. I gave 3 chapters so that you are fully informed how it started and how the trust in a relationship causes death and permanent separation. There was no cause in this story for Adam or Woman to distrust God's word so they did not bother at all about the forbidden tree. It was the serpent who called God a liar which caused Woman to consider the serpent's statement. By acting on the serpent's words Woman showed that she lost trust in the true god and thus took the liar as the truth sayer. Thus, from that moment on the true god lost all standing in the minds of Woman and Adam, and that good standing was acquired by the serpent who now became her/their god of truth. The break in the relationship between god and Adam and God and Woman was thus their spiritual death, just as God had told them. Death is an utter break in relationships; just as physical death causes a break in all earthy relationships of the person who died. Because of that spiritual death we all are now stuck in a coma and player physical creature seemingly forever in the physical reality.

Souls are dreaming this physical reality with this goal in mind! God knows the end from the beginning of this physical reality. This means three things. First: Physical reality is a program. Second: He knows what he wants to obtain of this program because god is sane. Third: There is thus a beginning and an end. Know that the end is now very near because the truth about physical reality is now clear to some of us souls. That is his goal! the bring the truth home to us souls.

Even if there is some fact to the accuser’s gossip, these facts are basically based on the accuser’s attitude and viewpoint. If the accused person is a bad character, those around him will find that out for themselves. The accuser’s attitude toward the accused is mostly based on highlighted experiences with the accused and most of it exaggerated by the person’s own colored shade of mental glasses. Above all such experiences should be kept out of conversations with others and not forced on them by one owns dislikes. It is the ethical and moral path of actions not to taint another with public vicious attacks, especially without the accused present. Not to do so exposes the accuser itself as the bad one, really. Telling lies about lies about another person that are believed by others is like murder, the same kind of murder that happened with the true god and Adam and Woman that happens when a person spreads vicious gossip about another. It kills relationships and relationships is the life of us all. It hurts not only the target of the vicious gossip but also those spoken to, when the gossip is believed.

Then those who heard the accusations of horror tell them to others, like their boy or girl friends and when they marry the in-law children will have nothing to do with the accused because of the gossip. This can be compared to abortion where a possible friendship is aborted by hearsay evidence and in that manner prevent the birth of the possible relationship. That, people is physical life. hazards everywhere but mostly from those you love the most.

Then those who heard the accusations of horror tell them to others, like their boy or girl friends and when they marry the in-law children will have nothing to do with the accused because of the gossip. This can be compared to abortion where a possible friendship is aborted by hearsay evidence and in that manner prevent the birth of the possible relationship. That, people is physical life. Hazards everywhere but mostly from those you love the most. But then, what kind of relationships would that make anyhow? People who believe and act on hearsay in such a judging manner never make for good friendship. Some even claim to be god-fearing Christians of which Jesus said “not to Judge”, but these people even judge on suspect, unverified gossip evidence. On second thought, I rather have them reveal themselves before I start a friendship.

The spiritual truth and the spiritual lie create in the minds of all entities of the sets of Adam and Woman lying in coma a potential difference that is comparable to our electrical battery, except because of the infinite number of sets of Adam and Woman, it is a huge size battery that is recharged every time a new set of Adam and Woman fall for the serpent's lie. This battery energizes the program "physical reality" in the minds of all entities lying in a coma in spirit and it empowers the program physical reality in the combined minds of all entities lying in spirit in coma. That is why I often refer to these source states as positive and negative. the positive (truth) is then the common and the lie creates the potential difference to create a power source. yes! There can be innumerable sort of physical realities out there, depending on each son of god in spirit dealing with their own individual serpents in their own created paradises which are utterly independent of our physical reality. It is like the internet. the possibilities are endless.

This source of power is very likely to be the black energy scientists all over the world are trying to capture and control. That will, of course, never happen.                                                                       Hans van Krieken; modified 24-30-2018

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                          The Trurh About Reality Book front page               book The Truth About Reality

Dust cover to The Truth About Reality by Hans van Krieken


I have occasionally, or rather, somewhat frequently derided women or really womanhood. We fell from paradise through the thoughts and acts of Woman. This peculiarity is still part of womanhood. Know that in paradise woman was neither man nor a female. They were both amorphous. After the fall they became humans and thus male and female.

 Let me go into that idea more specifically so you understand what really is going on spiritually. God created Woman from a part of man. The Bible says from Adam's rib, an important part of his beingness. From the psychological viewpoint when God separated woman from man he separated the emotional part from Adam and placed that part in Woman. God knows the end from the beginning, right? God works on the principle of grace - always, even from the beginning in order to accommodate the end to get what he wants from the couple in the end. God did so in a manner where the division would allow the pair, or rather, a splinter of beingness of the both of them, to be able to find the spiritual truth back after falling away from it by believing a fictional idea that spiritual truth can contain a lie. Accepting that idea would, and did, place spiritual entities beyond the region of truth. There is no place or region beyond truth, because beyond truth there is nothing. Truth cannot contain fiction of any kind. We fell from paradise, a place where we could commune face to face with god, and we really fell into nowhere at all after accepting the fact that the true god is a liar. Physical reality is nothingness because it exists beyond the realm of truth. To return to reality from the nothingness wherein we presently reside one needs to get back to the truth of the matter. The true God does not lie! So, through the belief and actions of Woman (and Adam) we shut ourselves from the only channel to truth available to us - paradise.

Nothing exists outside the region of truth - Physical reality is a fiction collectively held in the minds of comatose souls

Thus Adam and Woman died to the truth, but only their active participation in truth died. Their minds went blank, but otherwise the entities were in tact. God allowed through the actions of the snake to have every cell entity (souls) in them to be reprogrammed to deploy and activate a fictional environment in which they as fictional characters could exist in a fictional reality. Physical reality is that fictional reality. It exists only inside the minds and bodies of Adam and Woman. But our set of Adam and Woman is the last; but in untold many ages before before our 'age' there are literally untold trillions of such couples that came before our set of Adam and Woman we are an integral part of. All these sets believed the spiritual lie and are integral into bringing physical reality into existence to make up the entire universe together with us. Physical reality is the greatest and most complex program in existence, yet it does not exist in spirit. All the untold many sets of Adam and Eve weave this seamless apparition of reality and personal and group interactions in our minds. It is a huge interconnecting program that actively involves every entity of us all. It is really a coma-dream that weaves us all together into this being aware of, interacting with and in active common participation to keep physical reality suspended and to make us seemingly active parts in it and of it.

Remember: Physical reality exists in pure nothingness. Physical reality is not a part of true reality; and it exists only in specific stretches of time referred to by Jesus as AN AGE and exists only in the minds of fallen souls. (Physical reality consists of endless sets of such Ages in which in every age a set of Adam and Woman will ‘fall’ from paradise. There is no beginning and no end to the number of ages, but the present age is the only one that counts and the universe and the participants of all other ages are only playing the part of the prop-scenery of this present age.

I have reason to accept that an age lasts about 30.000 years, because it does not need to be any longer.  I have read very detailed propaganda, for one, in “National Geographic", how our world was created through galactic chaos, condensation, etc., changes in climate, charged particles, changes in environment, collisions with flying asteroid debris, biological entity - interaction, customs and many other variables. It is a carefully planned hoax, to make us believe we are all ONE physically. The inertia of mass and mental states is the proof that very few will ever find the truth. Mass is one of the basic tenets of the program, Physical Reality. It is imbedded in fallen souls caught in the far-deep end of the trap-net as universal dirt. The part under investigation of its mental and active state of the last set of Adam and Woman is being observed, guided and aided by sprit. Its purpose is to allow entities to reconcile their erroneous beliefs by realigning themselves again in truth. The principles of this age, and every age before and to come, is the white race of human beings. Their chance to find the truth is coming very rapidly to an end. And, because of the technology and use of gadgets and cleverly directed brainwashing going on as we speak and write makes finding the truth almost utterly impossible. To make the odds of finding the truth back much better one must do so as a unit of man and woman, and disengage oneself completely from any propaganda source, that means thus all news, TV, radio, religious kinds of books, all occult type of literature. To clean one's mind from any source of physical propaganda takes years. The worse source of propaganda is of course familial relations and physical reality itself. Physical reality is the biggest source of propaganda that binds us into the tenets of physical reality; one cannot escape it. Propaganda kills our spirit, and physical creatures seek their favorite propaganda scenes to find a common bond with others. Without a common source of propaganda people are utterly alone. Aloneness is shunned like the plague. Unit(s) of physical man and physical woman must together find and know the truth and they shall be free from the bind of the program physical universe. The frivolity of women makes that task so much more difficult. But God makes the search back to truth so difficult that only the very few will find it. I hope you are one of them!

Physical reality gives lost souls a place to be and to act because otherwise they would be in a terrifying actionless and thoughtless nothingness forever. It is a kindness of god and gives us an opportunity to repent. Physical reality is a program imbedded into all the minds of all the being-entities of those sets of Adam and Woman who believed the spiritual lie (that God could tell lies) -- lies that would expose god as a deceiver and not as the origin of all that exists in spirit. If you, as spirit, tell or believe such a lie you will exclude yourself automatically from true reality, because if you would remain you would contaminate reality with an untruth and thus wipe either yourself or all of reality from existence. The way it goes is that you wipe yourself out. Once the lie is believed and acted on the supposed liar (the true god) is rejected and the one who told the lie which you accepted as truth is accepted as the true god. A switch in the mind of souls has been created to see the lie and all lies as truth and spiritual truth as a lie. Thus Physical reality could be seen as being the (fictitious) mirror image of reality. It is there but it consists of nothing at all.

Thus, all physical species of being on earth are already perfect from the beginning of this age. Our own observations prove that. There is not any biological species that, as a whole, is not perfect in the role it plays in physical reality. They're placed so to create the illusion that makes physical reality seem evolutionary real. The Theory of Evolution is bull shit. Professor Leakey's bones are only props in our fictional physical environment and are not an active part of the present cycle of this age.

The remaining part in MAN, after woman was separated from him, has the ability (through the spiritual teaching of the bible, the honest seeking nature somewhere in him and the experiences gathered in many life-times in the place they were relegated to - a virtually created reality that we refer to as physical reality), to rediscover the truth and to have at least that part of himself and the equivalent part in woman (soul-mate – woman is mated to man, man is not mated to woman, spiritually). This unit will be reaccepted in truth and will thereafter always be “one” again. Both man and woman are needed in physical reality as separate entities to rediscover the truth.

My wife and I are a team that distilled the truth from the oceans of errors in thinking, distractions of being here, and a multitude of other factors (misunderstandings, and deliberate brainwashing schemes by the powerful in government, religion, banking, commerce, etc) that utterly sucked us all into other deceitful schemes of the seemingly endless possibilities available in physical reality. But “truth” can, from the pits of desperation, only be gleaned by the physical male part of them. And woman is the one who can make her man know that he did get the truth. That is how God made it possible at all for them as a unite to come back.

The purpose of physical reality is to distill the TRUE part in both Adam and Woman from the mass of the unredeemable parts (spiritual cells/souls) in the both of them. The unredeemable parts will continue to reincarnate and be drawn deeper in this trap net called physical reality. The true part of the couple (Adam and Woman) will become part of god and is referred to as son of God - of which ”sons” there are endlessly many and of whom I and Carol will be one also.

The sad thing in women is that they are physically oriented in the extreme and are driven by competitive spirit, and are the reason that the mass of mankind in the world are caught in it eternally.

I will add a rudimentary picture of this endless cylindrically formed net below. Know, though, it is only a means to describe what kind of trap we fell into. But the program is definitely based on the principles of “catch and trap” of this net. If you ever rediscover the truth you will simply escape through (all) center(s) of the net in the opposite direction of the designed trap-action of the net. Trapped souls seeking to escape the net tend to seek escape by going to the outward circular boundaries of the net so they never notice the escape which lies in the center of the net. The choice of physical representation is made in a spiritually comatose entity, but the physical manifestation of the choice determines the specific net-section of race, species or material in the net. The first set of sections have trapped the now existing human races, the next set of the trap section contain the several aquatic mammal races such as whales, killer Wales, dolphins, etc., the next set  of sections deal with the several lower primate races, and so on. Each net section has its own spiritual overseer/god / daemon. The head god is Jehovah; the one who tricked us into the net.

I was off the coat near Monterrey in California on a surf board near a kelp bed and suddenly I saw a killer whale. I was a bit panicked, but it left me alone. I know he knew I was there because their sound-rigged radar is as infallible as that of a bat. Killer whales are in the very net section after people, so I believe they have some memory left of being human once. I have never heard of a killer whale-attack on humans.

Bait in previous/closer to the entrance sections of the net has lost their appeal but bait in the next deeper section is utterly desirable, whatever the bait may be. Through the force of endless reincarnations in the regular sections of the net (each human category net-section has its own compartment for those saved in it such as (pure/) white Christians have in the first net-section). One is drawn ever deeper into the net as the Ages go by from humans to animals, etc. Human history or an Age always has a time span of about 30.000 years (why is explained in other articles of this site and book). Everything present in the physical universe are only props to make physical reality seem real for the present significant set of humans. The universe exists primarily for the last descended race of Adamites (the offspring of the last descended set of Adam and Woman). For non-human species physical reality is the only reality, no exceptions!  It takes billions of Bazillions of souls to keep the universe in place. They are all there in paradise in a collectively steered coma dream program.

 visualization of spiritual trap "the universe"

and a detail of the human sections

the spiritual trap net

Once we nibbled we were caught / Even though you may be saved in Jesus you still believe the spiritual lie of Genesis 3: 1-6; so you are still in the trap / physical reality as is shown above in the special places in the human sections of the trap

The spiritual trap / the universe


The first section in the net is the white race, the second may be the Mongolian race, the third section could be the Asian Indian race, etc. After the human races come the races of the aquatic mammals, the lower primate races and so on through all animal life, plant life and material substances. The only escape is through the way we got into the trap but in the opposite direction. Jesus said that very few will find this way back.

Woman and Adam (and we in them) partook (nibbled) of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and as god told us we died away from him and from paradise.

Now, if you have read and understand this article you have nibbled from the truth and you are caught in it!

Without experiencing evil we cannot become sons of god. So, in the end evil reveals itself again as good also.

This net goes on endlessly until souls are caught in the mass of black holes at the center of galaxies


What is the meaning of the special sections in the human sections of the trap? Jesus felt sorry for all mankind for going into perdition without a chance to circumvent this Jehovah determined fate. So, he told the people that with faith in him he will make sure they are saved this doom. But souls can remain there forever because they are trapped in these special retreats from finding back the spiritual truth. he did so by dying for them utterly innocently with regards to the Jehovah's laws and rules. So, the safe place remains in effect for only this ongoing Age. In the next Age they will reincarnate again as white people together when the Adamites begin to incarnate in physical reality, some 5000 years before the end of the Age and thus have another opportunity to find back true spirit by recanting the belief in the lie they have held in spirit for so long.

A section in the net is from one truncated open cone section to the next. Inside the net is pure spiritual nothingness.

The periodic table of elements as discovered by Neil Boor fits nicely into this depiction of the trap of physical reality. Each physical element in the chart can be a detail in another section in the trap way down the lane in the trap from where we are in the trap.

Outside on the left of the depiction of the net and all around the net is reality. One enters from the left by proposing or believing a lie about the TRUE GOD and one is inevitably drawn deeper in the net (the net being a spiritual brainwashing program) through irresistible bait set in the following deeper section and so on in adfinitum draws souls deeper into the net. Outside the net is reality, inside the net is a realm of nothingness, called physical reality which only exists in the brainwashed comatose minds of all the fallen spirit entities of all previously descended sets of Adam and Woman and the current descended sets of Adam and Woman.  

The baits in the human sections of the trap consist of sex of course, and rituals that include sex, material success and winning, verve for religion and systems of religion that do not lead to truth. Bait in previous sections of the net have lost their appeal. Through the force of endless reincarnations an unsuspecting soul is drawn ever deeper into the net as the Ages go by and soul thus descends from human nature through all species to the nature of dirt. 

Those of the different human races other than the white race have a heaven-section dedicated to those who have accepted Jesus as savior. They, however, are saved in a section of the net that have caught them in this age. Once souls are in any of these sections they have the opportunity to be redeemed to true reality by the savior who originally came for them.  That is why each section of heaven in the set of cone sections for the human races have a door through which they can enter reality.

Let me give you an example where Jesus clearly indicated that stones have soul. Somewhere the people were praising and jubilant about Jesus as he entered Jerusalem on the back of a donkey-colt. An official approached him and complained to him about the people praising him. Jesus answered that if the people would not praise him the very stones would begin to praise him. Jesus was not joking. He always stated the truth and he was not speaking in parables. The stones have soul and they could praise him; as a matter of fact all things in the universe have soul attached to them through the comatose dream-state they are in. 

As Jesus said, In my father's home, where I am going, there are many mansions, I will make one for you also. The other mansions are all occupied with the redeemed souls from previous generations (ages) of sets of Adam and Woman. So each member of the dark skinned races who are saved by having faith in this generation's Jesus will return with the particular savior of their generation from their heaven in their net section of the trap to their own mansion in reality. That is why I made broken line sections in the walls of the specially created heavens by all the several saviors in my depiction of the trap we are all in. There are thus 2 ways to be redeemed to reality: one is by exiting backwards through all the section centers back to reality or guided by a savior through the walls of one heaven sections in their trap section of the net into reality. Each spiritual family of sets of Adam and Woman in its own mansion.   

This same trap net is now used by the OWO conspiracy to trap everybody in the OWO. It is a net of lies and deceit and propaganda systems to lead us from one trap section to the next. We fall together by the million from one section to the next. This is the evil that people must pass on to soul so that it can wake up. That is our task on earth to inform our individual souls of the net it got trapped in and rescue it before soul disappears into perdition forever; placing another more negative spiritual layer between us, people, and the spiritual truth.            Hans van Krieken   3-31-2018              

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When will the universe be rolled up?  

My wife's role in our line of discovery is that she is most excellent in posing the questions I do not ever think about. My role is to always come up with the answers; but without the question being asked I would never venture on an answer. 

Both my wife and I know the truth, and, just now, we discovered why the physical universe did not vanish for us. The answer to that, of course, is that not the physical creatures, Hans and Carol must know the truth, but also the spirit in conscious mind. At the moment Carol's and my souls are still dreaming in a state of coma. We are still an integral part of this cycle of physical reality. Physical reality is pure nothingness. Whatever it does, does not affect true reality other than having the ability to affect the soul-mind positively or negatively.

These souls assigned to fictitious Hans and Carol,  must complete their cycles of physical lives in the program before they can exit the program altogether. But when we both die physically, our souls will be in an off-stage condition, and they are in a position of being unplugged from an assignment in a role in the next age-cycle. Just as truth cannot contain a lie or entities believing a lie, so the program "physical reality" cannot include the truth in any soul mind who is consciously aware again about the true god and the truth it holds within itself. Our souls, then, after our physical death, consciously will know the spiritual truth. They are simply not anymore a part of those believing the spiritual lie (that the true god is a liar on which lie the whole concept of physical reality is based).

Our, my wife and I, physical deaths will be the moment that our part in the scheme of the program vanishes because now our souls are not a part of the inventory of souls believing the lie. The lie believed by all other souls in the program is not any more a part of the belief our souls have. Just one spiritual entity knowing the truth would prevent the program from running if it were included.

If we were inserted in the program, if this were possible, the program simply would not run because intrinsic spiritual truth and  intrinsic lie cannot exist together. If we would simply disappear from the physical scene without leaving a trace of ourselves in our physical state, the entire universe would be upset because all lie-believing souls together are responsible for holding their scheme of physical reality in place with us missing. Our absence would cause irreparable damage to the running of the program, so that it will upset every other soul’s idea of physical reality. But once we are declared dead and people can burry or cremate us the cycle of our lives have been duly accounted for in the program, spiritually and physically; so we can be duly eliminated from participating in the next age.                    Hans van Krieken 3-23-2018

Spiritually Controlled Odds     

The general odds-structure in life lets us plainly see that God exists, this is so at least in my experience.

Odds in general, when people are expected to bet on something like horse or dog races, would lie at maximum somewhere between 1/1 and 50/1. In a case of 50/1 we must regard the entity rewarded with odds of 50/1 very peculiar. Either the entity has no chance at all to win or the trainer has hidden the form, class and speed of the entity so well that the odds on the entity are way off. In this case, I would say, even the trainer did not bet on the entity. If you could detect the trainer betting on it, even just a little, he is relying on the odds to give him his gain for the money and the odds would be very promising. However if an entity gets starting odds of 200/1 we know the entity does not belong in the race. That is why we never see those kind of odds in a game or race.

But in my fairly recent life I have been tracking odds on sets in number-combinations. For instance, when someone other than me pauses a movie playing on a DVD or a down streamed movie from Netflix or such I try to combine or manipulate these number sets in the progress strip of the program (the number arrangements on the not yet played remainder of the program and the numbers already streamed) not just the hours and minutes but just as numbers per sé. I compare their arrangement, or I add / subtract, etc. the numbers on the left and add the numbers on the right, and see what comes up. Too very often I get comparative combinations that fall in impossibly high odds and yet the combinations are right on. And these odds on odds keep popping up too frequent to be statistically possible.

The odds must surely fall in the millions to one. It simply proves that someone is messing with the odds, but it cannot be of human origin. We may pause the program because someone has to use the bathroom, or decide to pause to have a snack. The odd combinations do not always happen but the odds are very, very much in favor of someone unseen controlling the odds just to let me know that he is with me. For one thing, the entity knows that I happen to consider the arrangements of the played and not played minutes and hours in a program. How would the entity even know that for starters.

I just have a habit to observe, consider sets or given number combinations or manipulations that give certain entirely unlikely to be hoped for results. The odds that the not hoped for combinations popup are extraordinarily common. These things should not happen so frequently. The odds for that are too astronomical; and things that cannot be explained in any way must be expected to be done by an unknown interested party.  

Let me give you an example of a set of events that just occurred to us yesterday. It was a nice day and we had planned for weeks to go to one of our most favorite restaurants in Cashiers, NC. The place is called "Cornucopia". We had forgotten the name of the place and its location as well. So we ask around and finally it came out to be the Cornucopia. When they told us the name we remembered the name as well. We went to the location and there is it, the Cornucopia. It is in the mountains some 3500 ft up. For summer it has a divine temperature in at that area. So, when we came home we watched a movie and lo and behold the name Cornucopia showed up in the program several times. Cornucopia means Horn of Plenty, but I have not heard that word or used it in the last 25 years or so. It is not a common word, yet here unexpected it shows up twice in the same day. Now you figure! This gets a little more bizarre because I speak, write and read 3 languages. I also was in my youth educated in 5 languages. The residual word and rule knowledge increases the word knowledge even more. My word knowledge, with all its rules and conjugations add up into the million.

Here is another example from yesterday and the day before. We were watching Netflix and my wife wanted a bowl of cereal. She paused and the still to be played material showed as 14:41. I then remembered that the day before when my wife paused the program the still to be played part was shown to be 13:31. That is odd enough for me to realize that it was not accidental. It was planned by entities not materially in our presence.

Other examples are: I am riding along a street and just happen to see a building number 123. This is significant because the numbers are consecutive and 1 + 2 = 3. But a little later I realize the highway number is 231; same digits and 1 + 2 = 3. Or I wait for an elevator and notice a sign with a telephone number that consists of all the digits from 0 to 7; or when a DVD or down-streamed movie is paused and the progression strip shows that the hours of the shown segment + the minutes of the still to be shown section equals the minutes of the shown section + the hours of the the not  yet shown section are equal to each other.

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Honor your Father (and Mother)

Basically, the most significant way to honor your parents is to make sure that all your children are legitimately born in the exact same race and color as they were. You can send those flowers and do what-not for them, it will/might be appreciated, but nothing can repair the disappointment in a pure Caucasian parent when his grand children are not of his own pure and clean race.

God creates the races and he has a specific plan for each race. Racially mixed offspring are something spirit does not know what to do with so the program sends them along in the net to perdition. Getting racially mixed offspring is the sure way to disappoint your parents and god as well. His plan for all creatures is "All creatures shall procreate in the image of their parents"; paraphrased from genesis chapter one. How can anybody get that all wrong!!

The universe and all its creatures are nothing more than props for the learning, teaching and experiencing of the latest set of Adam and Woman so that they might reawaken, through their earthly experiences and understanding; and awaken from their belief in lies by reaccepting the truth. Jesus told us that only a very few would find the truth and reawaken. At the beginning of the next age, which is now very close, the present white race will be one of the other human races and the world is again prepared for a new set of Adam and Woman to descend into it as the next white race. This present white race, what is left of it (some souls will have returned to the special place -- Christians call it heaven -- according to the truth as determined by the liar (god/serpent) hidden in Christ Jesus, the savior. Jesus prevents souls from getting sent along into the deeper sections of the net/hell, so that these saved souls will have another chance to declare the truth of the matter and so redeem themselves from physical reality to true spirit.       

      Hans van Krieken 4-11-2018        

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Spiritual truth versus Spiritual Lie

There is a truth according to the spiritual truth and a truth according to the spiritual lie. These two are the only spiritual versions of reality possible.  These premises are the ground rules set in the lie: “God is a liar”. As long as these premises are not violated the truth of the lie is not violated or endangered. All those believing the premise of the lie agree that the true God is a liar. He is so much a liar that the fact of his existence has been utterly forgotten. Once the fiction of the lie is in place, in the hearts and minds who believe the lie, entirely new schemes of lies are allowed to be generated, embraced and to exist in the realms made possible by the lie. The truth according to the lie is anything that does not violate the premises of the lie told and believed in spirit. Thus the spiritual truth returned to the mind of a soul will set that soul free from the fiction it believes and it will be back in the realm of spiritual truth.

   That is what Jesus was referring to when he promulgated the phrase "the truth will set you free".

I call the Physical Universe the manifestation of the lie believed which caused the reprogramming/spiritual brainwashing of all the spirit entities that believed the lie. In this case, and in every instance, all the (cellular) entities in the infinitely many creations of sets of Adam and Woman of this and all previous ages that believed the serpent's lie, and feel in one form or other an integral part of this universe are engaged in it.

Let me show you why we are subject to the premises of the lie we all believed. Let me quote from the Bible, The Good News version, For all practical and, yes, for all purposes this Bible is the best there is.

I quote from Genesis 3: 1- 6.  . . . The serpent asks woman "Did God really tell you not to eat the fruit from any tree in the garden?" Woman looked at the tree and answered the serpent "We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree in the middle of it. God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or to even touch it: if we do we will die." The snake replied: "That is not true; you will not die. God said that because he knows that if you partake from it you will be like God and know what is good and what is bad." The woman saw the fruit and ate from it and then persuaded Adam to eat from it too.

The serpent said that God lied and Woman believed it. So, now we arrive at a psychological premise; Woman, and then Adam believed God to be a liar and the serpent the pronouncer of truth. A reversal of awareness was introduced in Adam and Woman. The true God was abandoned and the serpent was accepted as the true god. Hence humans' acceptance of the serpent as their God, Jehovah or Allah, or whatever men on earth call the serpent, as the true god and the real "true god" was and is utterly forgotten because he was considered, and is still considered to be a liar. We, on earth, have no inkling who the true god is at all! We exist immersed in the quagmire of the realm of the lie believed, physical reality. Since physical reality is based on the belief of a lie, it is not part of true reality but a perversion of true reality / a fictional dream.

Here is why! If someone tries to invade the realm of spiritual truth with a lie, truth would not be truth anymore, and it would immediately deteriorate into a realm of the lie. This cannot be because everything possible must rely on the truth being the truth. The spiritual truth is impervious to the power of any lie. It has to be; just as the zero level in currents cannot be be altered when the zero-level of voltage is grounded to the earth. Truth is unassailable!

To tell a lie about the spiritual truth to an entity accepted in the true reality would expel the liar immediately from the realm of truth because a lie would not be possible to establish itself in the realm of truth. The only way one can be expelled from the Realm of Truth is by telling a lie and/or in believing the lie. The belief in it would instantly induce a coma in the lie-believing entity, a spiritual coma, because spirit is eternal and the only real thing. So liars, and believers of lies, expel themselves from the truth by falling into a spiritual coma that I call negative spirit. The spiritual coma is negative spirit because it is caused by a lie believed. This spiritual coma is where all other fictitious/virtual realities come from. Physical reality is a negative spiritual mind program that includes all who have ever believed and still believe the lie in spirit. In our age of physical reality lies established have, so far, been in accordance to the ground rules of the original lie, simply because this age has still not ended. When the spiritual truth has been reestablished in the physical universe this age is also at its end because it would be utterly opposed to the lie believed in spirit. We are very nearly there now.

The falling into a spiritual coma affects every entity of the composite beingness of Adam and Woman that believed the lie. As humans we have some 10 billions of cells, likewise in spirit beings are made up from billions of living spiritual entities very much in tune with each other. Every entity in the fallen spiritual being is reassigned a specific fictitious individual identity and is assigned a complex role it will represent during the enfolding of the coma dream during the age -- physical reality. That is how human races exist and how all plant and animal entities on earth came into this virtual reality called earth. There have been untold many sets of beings "Adam and Woman" before our present generation of Adam and Woman. After every 30.000 years or so, one age ends and a new age with a new set of "Adam and Woman" comes into existence and the cycle of time called an age starts for the new set of "Adam and Woman" on earth. Its beginning, its duration, its progression and its ending are always the same. God told us that there is nothing new under the sun, EVER!

Government is an example of a virtual reality. it is just someone's idea. So government is set up by our constitution. It delineates how president and his department are appointed and the same for the legal department and the justice system. All the duties and functions of the appointees is very carefully written manner. See, in this case we, the people are god, government is our creation and all the functions and duties are clearly set down. See how everything done inside the government comes from decrees coming down from above the government; we, the people. Even so, in physical reality everything works exactly according to the dictates of the entity (ies) who formed the idea and the execution of the program physical reality. We are all operating on instructions given to us moment by moment. A computerized virtual reality sticks accurately to the demands and rules set for it, but government has no valid security to work as stipulated. So all governments, even established for the best of reasons is guaranteed to be perverted where the people become the slaves and the governmental authorities become dictators. In the USA, all governments consist of brutal, self-serving dickheads and that is another reason that I will not vote. My father used to say, filth turns to foam in water and the foam will always rise to the to the surface. And there you have it with American governments; the y are a bunch of dickheads, and the least person they want to serve is you! Also, all important elective office candidates have been preselected before you have a chance to vote on them. They are, without a doubt, One World Order proponents. Every president we have had since and including Lincoln was a traitor because they kept that little phrase in the 14th amendment a secret from us and never, ever, did anything about rectifying it. The 14th and 16th amendment actually c hanged the constitution of a statement and demand for liberty to one of brutal dictatorship; so you people better not hurray the constitution and our form of government anymore!

In other words, the liar will introduce a new integrated system of reality into the last set of beings that believed the lie or found the lie attractive enough to believe in it. They become "awake" in their coma of the reality they dream "Physical Reality. The dream has them awakened into this physical reality. Physical reality is truly nothingness in spirit. It takes no space up in spirit but only manifests itself in the comatose spiritual entities of all the sets of comatose Adam and Woman. The first 18000 years of the new age is nothing more than the setting of the stage for the introduction of the new set of Adam and Woman. The first seven days wherein god (as told in genesis 1) is creating “physical reality) is to set the beginning of the stage for Adam and Woman to enter into the age later on. God is working so we deal in god's measure of time. God in the Old Testament stated that one of his days was like a thousand years of our time continuum. So, seven of his days are like 7,000 years of our time.

The universe is indeed expanding because every 30,000 years another set of comatose spiritual entities are added to the mind program that integrates all soul-minds into the program. At least at the end of every age all preexisting souls will take a step down (go one or more sections deeper into the net) in the importance it had in the previous cycle of the program. So, all souls trapped in the lie/trap net descend one or more section deeper into the net. Way at the bottom of the entire trap net more and more souls and thus more universal mass is added to the universe that express their participation in the enfoldment of the program as the most basics of matter -- black hole mass/plasma at the center of galaxies.

Here is the maxim for a fictitious reality: There is a reality of truth and one of the lie. There cannot be a lie in the reality of truth but the reality of the lie can have a truth based on the maxim of the reality of the lie, and in this virtual reality of lies one can have billions of lies that can be believed and which ‘lies believed‘ will cause the believer doom, loss or even new systems of reality it can believe in. All ambitions in physical reality lead to doom except for the ambition to reestablish the spiritual truth in one's own mind and spirit.

The physical reality is a reality of loss and doom; just consider that we all have to die from one incarnation to get to the next. There is no end to the trap "physical reality" that we are caught in; unless we arrive at the truth of the spiritual deceit that caught us. We must reestablish the God of truth as the true god in the very spirit of our being; and thus renounce Jehovah and the physical reality as a permanent prison.

So, human history can never predate the beginning of our own age - about 30,00 years ago. Everything that seems older is part of the scenery of the spiritual program, thus mere props to create the environment. These props include also all outer space. Every age begins at the same point with exactly the same environment and with all resources and thus also all fossils we have dug up in the last 30,000 years back where they belong; back in place in and on the earth. Physical earth in this age had everything in place after 7000 years and it is running without Adam and Eve for another 18,000 years or so before they, the white race, enter it. The entities of our Adam and Woman have some 5000 years as humans to reestablish the true god in their spirit. How I have arrived at these numbers is explained in articles on the "reading pages" of this site and in my books. Basically I found that an age does not need to be longer as about 30,000 years.

In the new (following) Age, this (our) present white race will have become the next lower human race (lower on the spiritual / physical) scale. I believe it to be the Mongolian race. The scale runs from the Human races to the marine mammal species and races and than into the lower primates and from there deeper and deeper into the net-trap "physical universe", thus into lower ranges of mammals species, reptiles marine creatures, insects, flora and finally into the several types and compositions of dirt in the universe. This is the truth of our physical reality. What is in the net is fiction and outside is the true spiritual reality which, of course is truth. Whatever is of the physical universe is in the endless trap and is in spiritual nothingness of being dead to true reality.

This is the truth of our physical reality. It is a coma-enforced dream-reality and from this splinter of spiritual nothingness we must, must, find our own origin in true spirit or all is lost. Once a soul enters the marine mammal state soul's chances to find the truth are nil! If we find the truth as I here tell it, you will wake up after death not in a Christian or Muslim heaven but again reunited with the truth who is the only true reality.  Read other articles in this site to get a better idea of how this net works.

I hope that I have shown you the incredible power of spirit. We all together as souls in our set of Adam and Woman lying in a spiritual coma together with all the other sets of Adam and Woman lying in a coma at our sides in Paradise create physical reality with all it solidity and the binding power of time, mass and "intelligence" that keeps us all together presently in physical reality in one role or another. These include all those playing the role of physical matter, those playing the roles of physical elements, viruses, microscopic insects, cold and warm blooded creatures and all the flora beneath and above the surface of the seas. The "serpent" in paradise is a powerful indoctrinator, programmer and program coordinator and our souls are perfect performers. But none of this could happen without the steadfastness and help of the reality of truth! The lie and the truth form a sort of spiritual (like electrical) power net, that allows for comatose spiritual minds to be organized into some kind of a super, spiritual computer.

But you see, the serpent has become in power over the comatose beings (because these two believed his lie to them) and has reprogrammed all spiritual entities in all the comatose sets of Adam and Woman that came before this set of Adam and Woman; and given himself the role as god in the dream. Each spiritual cell of each being has been given an identity of a physical creature or of some physical matter. The role the true god has in reality has been left out in the dream altogether. So, as everyone takes part in the dream drama the role of the true god is not there so the dreamers are utterly unaware of his existence in the play. The true purpose of the play is for the comatose dreaming entities to rediscover the role of the true god that has been left out and where our true love and allegiance belongs. Only when we deliberately add that item of knowledge into our dream state can we wake up from it and be reintroduced to our real god and be present consciously with him again. The whole purpose of the age of physical existence is to give the entities of the last set of Adam and Woman a chance to reaccept the true god and be reestablished in true reality. Very, very few will succeed in doing so; so, beware!

We, almost all together, play all the integral parts of this universe as the ages progress. The serpent wrote the program but we, as eternal soul entities, play out the roles. We are the performers. As soon as we add the true god to the scenario, we have broken the premise on which the lie is based and the lie is revealed and we are again in the true God's graces.

The bait of the next section is just that, the bait for which souls in the higher section are enamored with. The souls saved in Jesus are collected in this first section and are saved from descending deeper in the net. Being placed in the special place in the first section is called heaven and it represents “Being Saved in Jesus

But the very few souls who found the truth of why all of us are trapped in the net can repent of their grave spiritual error and leave the net to return to the realm of truth where they will be as expansive in mind and creativity as the true god himself.

That is the only escape from the trap net and it is called being redeemed and not just being saved.

Don’t tell me that this great opportunity to return to our true birthright in true spirit is not a worthwhile action to buy the book to understand and investigate your choice of destinies for your soul. It is exceedingly worth it.

The end of this AGE is extremely close at hand. Don’t wait another second to buy this book.

Truth Recognized = Reality (= truth according to truth)

It is a spiritual realm.  Physical reality is fiction based on a lie

Jesus said the Truth will set you free. If you are here you do not have the truth!

Physical Existence = A Lie Believed in Soul  = a lie believed to be the truth because that is the only option we, as deceived spirits, accepted

Hans van Krieken


Look at the below figure of pruning patterns. I propose to modify present fruit tree and vine pruning patterns by creating square table top pruning patterns for fruit trees and square or rectangular pruning patterns for vines.  Make the table-top about 3 to 4 ft thick.

The benefits are many. Present pruning systems create a Christmas tree pattern or spherical or ball shape patterns. In these patterns the sunlight will at all times only shine on the surfaces exposed to the sunlight and give shadow patterned sunlight on leaves deeper within the outline pattern. Deeper within the outline the leaves receive less and less sunlight. Also, harvesting is more difficult because many of the fruit are located deeper within the outline form and must be extracted from there with more difficulty. Also, in these patterns sunlight is allowed to fall on the ground giving life-giving light to produce unwanted weed crops. The nozzles for spraying the trees must be modified to be placed above the foliage and spray down from above.

However, in the table top patterns the fruit will always be underneath the canopy and thus much easier to harvest. One could design low box shaped motor-driven carts that move underneath the canopy and either automatically or hand harvest the fruit and drop them into the box-shaped cargo-area of the cart. The entire table top surface of the canopy will allow all the leaves to receive sunlight all day long. Fruit fertilizing insects can easier find the blossoms and one can spray the foliage from above. Also, unwanted weed crops will receive little or no sunlight. Harvest productions would be numerically increased; and I cannot see any disadvantages to this system of pruning. In the beginning in shaping the tabletop shape one can keep in the center of the trees a conical shape to receive a greater amount of sunlight. When the branches are conformed to the intended table-top shape one can get rid of the cones. I use bamboo sticks and twine to help get the young branches to grow in a horizontal plane for trees and wire and rope with vines.

However, this manner of pruning and shaping the trees or vines is best on more or less level pieces of land. When the slope of the land on which the trees / vines grow increases beyond about 10 o one is better off to return to the Christmas / conical type shape of the trees.

Hans van Krieken: April 26, 2019

new agricultural pruning method 

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"Doing" is a physical activity              

We are in this world to “do”. Do is all we can “do”. Every moment and instant of our physical awareness we “do”. It is utterly impossible in physical reality to not “do”. When we sleep we “do” and when we are in a coma we “do”! In order to “be” one has to be present in spirit. To be or not to be is a matter of awareness. As long as we believe to be physical creatures we cannot recall to “be” eternal spirits. That is the way the game has been rigged for those who incarnate in physical reality over and over again. We cannot “be” in physical reality because it is a mere virtual reality. We believe to be here because we are in a coma in true reality. We dream to have physical awareness! Get That! And, physical reality, and all programs for computers, are solely based on activity / doing. All our computer games are based on doing, nothing else!

The real entity “you” is an entity in spirit. The human person is only an impression soul has of ‘being’ by playing/being human (and “playing” is a form of “doing”) every moment of being (aware) in physical reality.

By doing things as physical beings we believe we actually “be”. But we are not in physical reality as spirits. We only pretend to be physical creatures because we were deceived or brainwashed as spirits in reality. The physical universe is the alternative to being present in spirit.

Jesus made that clear. He said he always “is”. He means he knows he cannot die because he knows and understands that he is eternal spirit. Humans do not have certainty to be a spirit because they do die; so they always doubt. Doubters are not! Only those who have absolute certainty “are”, and will always “be”.

Praising god is a form of doubting. You fear not to praise him so in your doubt you praise god. All that is needed, though, is to understand and know that you are a deluded spiritual being when present in physical reality and that the one you praise is the one who deceived you. By praising god you place more importance on being human than on being a spiritual entity.

 All physical creatures are so involved in “doing” and in being present in physical reality they have utterly forgotten that they “are” spirits in true reality. When you are in a coma, physically or spiritually, you actually can be in two places at the same` time – one real and one pretended. Think about that! 

If you do not refer this site to your friends you do them a sever spiritual disservice.

Hindus and Buddhists proclaim universal consciousness but that consciousness still equates spiritual unconsciousness.

Deceits in action, no matter their coloration or form of holiness, are a form of psychedelic drugs and mental feces.

Deceit in any form stinks up to high heaven.

The book, "The Truth About Reality" is the most important book in the universe!

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For men: help get the states to obsolete the institution of marriage in America. It causes too much trauma, hate and heart-rendering heartache and financial disaster for all involved.

To begin; let me start with a schedule of frequency of intercourse for men that will keep you healthy and fit into your old age. Boys and men who need to have many ejaculations to satisfy themselves in their youth can do damage to their prostate glands. Too frequent orgasms in a day, week and month kept up for long periods of time will enlarge the prostate that can lead to prostate cancer.

This schedule of ejaculations that I have worked out will keep the doctor and the surgeon away.


Ages from 10 to 16 years of age            no more than 7 ejaculations per week

Ages from 17 to 25 years of age           no more than 5 ejaculations per week

Ages from 26 to 45 years of age           no more than 4 ejaculations per week

 Ages from46 to 65 years of age            no more than 3 ejaculations per week

Ages from 66 to 80 years of age           no more than 2 ejaculations per week

 Age 80 and up                                 no more than 1 or 2 ejaculations per week

ejaculate | orgasm

The problem with the prostate is that it needs a time of rest in order to make the prostate fully functional again. Too many ejaculations per day or week will stress the prostate into dangerous overstress.  Also, an enlarged prostate will lead to constipation; and that can lead to a hernia and / or colon problems. So take hart. But also, actually doing the schedule will keep the prostate healthy, because that is what it is there for.

But if you just started a new relationship, it is natural to have plenty of sex in the first few weeks. That is alright, but please after that make sure you again go on your schedule for your age. A little overstress on the prostate here and there does not cause concern. But remember anything in the body that is overstressed over long periods of time causes all kinds of distress, which can weaken the psyche, emotional state and your body. Therefore make sure that you always, under any circumstance, keep your cool. This advice will save much money in damage you can cause to things, relationships and yourself.

The second item concerns your love-life while having short term or longer sexual relationships. There are so many prophylactic means on the market that when taken by women as recommended guarantee the prevention of children. In cases of one-night-stands or starting relationships a woman must declare that she is taking preventative means of pregnancy and full health. Men must do the same concerning their health. A woman who does not take her prophylactics regularly waves her right to claim the lover’s responsibility for the possibility of pregnancy. If, however, the father wants joined parental status, he has a right to that because the woman already waved her joined parental concerns by not taking her pregnancy-preventing pills or using a device to prevent pregnancy.  Men, decide early in your life after having 1, 2 or 3 children fathered, to have a vasectomy whether married or not. This decision will save much money when living on a budget; and is critical when a divorce happens.

There is a problem in men’s’ and women’s sexual appetites over the duration of the relationship. Men want sex-period and they like sexual play (in general). Men want it in frequently; women, however want it infrequently. Also, do not expect a wife to have children for your sake. In most cases they get their children, in the first place for their mothers' sake, then their fathers' or themselves, and finally they may claim to have them for your sake as well but do not count on that. It is more likely these days that they need a husband to get legal children. You are just a temporary legal impregnator, and after they divorce their husbands they are excellent legally bound sources for child support. After that married women do not seem to have much use for sex anymore. If they do need a sex partner they can pick one of each gender in any drinking hole. Good for bar owners! But, to tell the truth;

It takes way above average maturity and wisdom to accept each other over long time spans as life's partners

Another important concern is that about 45% of divorces are religion-related. Women are too modest and can begin to hate her husband simply because he is trying to satisfy his sexual aptitude and enjoyments with his wife, but because of religious concerns of the woman she hates what he tries to do. That hate spreads through all her other engagements with her husband and to the children.

In starting a new relationship women perform willingly and with calculated pleasure; but that wears off in shorter or longer time. Beware when you marry a woman of your dreams, especially when both of you are in your late thirties and early forties, that sex will not be as good as when you just started the relationship. This is not always true, but it is common enough of a problem.

A sexually frustrated married man may get roving eyes, so a couple must discuss their sexual appetite, activity and frequency of sex so that either party knows what to expect and that will satisfy her as well as you.  A woman with unresolved sex frustrations begins to hate her man. A man must hold the reins in and she, in good faith, should step up to the plate a little to keep a good relationship good. Everything in a marriage depends on willing to support each other and to hell with the little frustrations each of you may have. The goal is to save the marriage and create a happy environment for the children, who, by the way should never be spoiled.

If a woman is oversexed, don’t stay in the relationship too long. She can’t help getting into other relationships, and you all will end up being hurt. She has no strings to keep her marriage on an even keel. To her sex is like a dedicated sport, the "play" of sex suffers and play is what men want.

Men have become the weak gender! Now that the world is run on push buttons and computers, women are in charge. They are more competitive than men. They are savvy. They have the law solidly behind them against men. A woman can get a man into serious trouble just by accusing him rightly or falsely of abuse or rape. We have now women police, lawyers and judges. Even politics have been taken over by them. They have these kind of jobs because they are women-libbers. Who can expect impartiality from them! Women are more scheming, more vicious than venomous snakes. And it denotes one sign that the end of the age is near. That does not mean that there are not a good many splendidly good women. But we can’t tell by looking at them and that should scare the hell out of any man.

The big problem is sex. Men cannot do without it and women use sex often, as a means of strategy. So, even there the game is rigged.

And that is not any one’s fault. It just is the way the god’s have rigged the game. They have their purpose and their purpose is what human life is all about.


Just remember, every married man over fifty knows: Happy wife—Happy life.

Be very cautious to make up your mind to marry. The benefits of marriage hardly ever outweigh the trouble of it all; and in the end you lose everything you put into the marriage: emotions, hard work, expectations, concessions, your self-respect, standing in the family and among your friends, savings, your children, and your children’s respect for you, and much more! Basically a man can never satisfy all the “needs” and religion-motivated modesty requirements of the average religious woman. Also, you will almost surely lose your long-standing job, and after all that you’ll run the risk of being exposed to every sexual/social/drug-culture/disease out there.

A wife can begin to hate you within the first year and once that hate is established it never goes away but intensifies. Women can hate men deeper and with more gusto than the devil. There is no fury more severe than a woman scorned (at least in her opinion). A woman under thirty-three does not know which end is up, and after that they lose all sense of emotional reality.

The terrible problem is that not by far every marriage is an unhappy one. So, men gamble as men hope that they fall into this happy group. Try as you may, the reality of the matter is that your chances are slim. Women do not really like to entertain men sexually. After some years of marriage sex is like work to them, yet they do not contemplate that the man goes to work every day to provide all the family needs and the special shopping needs of the wife. There is almost always a hidden agenda at work with women.

They want to marry to get away from the parental home or they are competing with women friends to get married. They may be gold-digging and hope to win a rich man or a man with good prospects to do well; too many reasons to list them all. We truly love, but women are always slightly unsatisfied and calculating. And don’t ever forget the everlasting honey-do lists in a marriage.

I would seriously suggest that a young man is better off having affairs that means nothing seriously or seeing a reliable prostitute once a week and take care of your more urgent needs for ejaculations through masturbating. Life is much more enjoyable, and the money you’d be saving on a daily basis outweighs the severe costs of maintaining a family that will be lost to you in 5 to 10 years after your wedding with all the cost of child support and possible alimony and divorce procedures. A Wedding is now not much more than a pre-divorce party. Save yourself all the bother.

I am not just writing about my experience only. I have talked to a lot of divorced men. The stories are almost always the same. I believe that about 65% of married men are sexually stifled by their spouses and I am sure that about 70% of Americans are psychologically, clinically depressed. What an unhappy situation for the most affluent and educated country in the world.

I have been there. I have experienced the absolute worst and the very best in my marriages. The first marriage, with a wife 2 years younger was absolute hell. She even tried to abort my second son on the sneak. My second marriage is only heaven. She is 17 years younger than I and I could not wish for a better partner in life.

My first marriage lasted 15 years and the last 6 years she had an affair with a friend (?) of mine. Beware of bringing friends into the family! The two intervening years between the marriages was spent in many short affairs. These two years were a serious emotional and psychological recovering time for me. I am still always wondering, after knowing my present wife for 40 years, why with all my love, efforts and investments in my first marriage; horses for my wife and my children, life in the San Francisco coastal mountains, why she had such deep-seated never-ending hate against me. I have come to the conclusion that it is what god intended for me to experience.

I am sorry to have to write this but divorces are too easy and they leave behind too much hurt, damage and financial difficulties and torn lives. Someone has to speak up and out. Take this writing for what it is worth, but in my opinion marriage has lost its principle value; to protect the woman, take care of the children and provide the environment for a happy family life. Women do not need us men to take care of them anymore. They now earn more money than us little people. If I were the parents of a girl to be married, I would insist on a clause in the marriage contract or in a separate document that if the marriage ends in divorce before 20 years have elapsed, the to be married couple owes the parents the cost of the wedding + 5% interest yearly back. That will make a wedding and marriage a much more solemn occasion and arrangement. I don't mind paying for a wedding but then it'd better be a real, lasting marriage.

 The sincerity behind Marriage has become obsolete. People do not take sincerity seriously anymore.

In its stead, I propose that the states incorporate relationship permit offices that issue relationship licenses that are legally valid for the first 3 years and thereafter are valid for 5 years somewhat like driver’s licenses. The first 3 years would be a good period to see if the partners can live together peacefully and with love and play and without pregnancy and with separate bank accounts. Couples could still marry before a member of the clergy, but the phrase ". . . until death do us part" must be deleted from the vows (let us not try god anymore) and separation would simply be done by not refiling for a license, and state arbitrators are still responsible to resolve any child, chattel and currency issues. This would be a good time to renegotiate under what terms each of the partners would continue the relationship. There is no better time. The two know each other pretty well by then, and can make more realistic terms. Just prior to renewal of each following license would also be a good opportunity to reestablish good working relationship for the next five years.

Then after renewal of the vows after the first license children are welcome into the family. This relationship office/agency also contains an arbitration bureau which deals with such matters as child support and value-assets distribution between the parents of the child(ren) after the permit lapses and is not renewed. I have made such proposals to representatives of the legislatures of North and South Carolina. I have never heard back from them but people should insist that in their own states such permit offices would be instituted and the institution of marriage abolished. I had included in these proposals a lot of detail as to how such an arrangement could be administrated. Since the license has a termination date, all the participants have to do is renew the permit/license and the relationship is good for another five years. This would also be a good opportunity for the couple to renew their vows, if such were used before or just have one at renewal which give rise to a celebration, every five year. These licenses would be equally valid and binding for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

On the other hand, if either party wants to call it quits immediately, all he/she has to do is not sign up for another permit. This concludes the relationship legally, but not necessarily if one party tries to force-sever ties of love and respect between the other party’s relationships to child(rn). The arbitration department will continue to have jurisdiction for another five years with power to levy fines to the guilty party or parties if malicious gossip involved other perpetrators to damage the relationship(s) between parent and child(rn) as happened in my case.

If the parties to a permit to a relationship would keep separate bank accounts and keep a common budget for maintaining the household during the 3-year lasting first permit there would be little need for an arbitrator , but the arbitrator would have to sign the final arranged at division of property and both parties would be held to that decision. Of course, if one party wants the relationship validity to be terminated earlier than the permit lapsing date that party would have to file for a divorce in court and that party would be held accountable for all court costs.

I tried to reestablish relations with one child but the relationship broke down 15 years after the divorce. This child also told his wife-to-be about the lies told about me by my ex-wife and family. I never had my son's wife's respect at all. From the minute we met she treated me with extreme disdain. I tried for an additional 15 years to reestablish relations with my other child, but 30 years after the divorce that relationship also broke down completely. That child’s wife was also told about the lies his mother told about me well before he married her; and that woman would always leave the room as soon as I came into it. She would never share a meal with me and never spoke a word to me, and all that also in front of my parents.

So, like the story of Adam and Woman, I experienced exactly what God went through after the serpent told a lie that broke up god’s relationship between himself and Adam and Woman. Lies like that spread and they become, well, like the truth. Children never recover from that, not even after thirty years. They are like dead to me now. I have not spoken to one child for 25 years and the other ten years. And I have not have had any relationships with my children’s children as well.

That is why it so important that the law will protect the children from such severe malice.

One of the problems with formal marriages is that it drags family members and other people into the marriage that later on can cause severe trouble towards one or both spouses. A person falls in love with one person, but after marriage a spouse would have to face the hostility of the other spouse’s relations with innuendo that are often the cause for a later break-up of the family that always, already is loaded with hardship, and all other kinds of trouble.

Naturally, couples can still marry before a member of the clergy or before the mayor; but then they are also subject to the divorce laws, family disputes etc.

My idea needs all of your support, so let’s get busy to get this idea incorporated in daily life. It will save a lot of heartache, misery, hate and will create/promote acceptable relationships between the child(ren) and each of the parents.

For men: help get the states to obsolete the institution of marriage in America. It causes too much trauma, hate and heart-rending heartache and financial disaster for all involved.                   Hans van Krieken 2 - 18 -2018 and revised on 6-15-2018            

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Facts for us in America

Government is supposed to be limited, but since governments can change the constitution it is huge and overpowering. After the first ten amendments to the constitution all amendments were instituted by governments. As long as governments can change the constitution than the people have no constitution and liberty meaningless and is not guaranteed. Do not forget, government is the enemy. The constitution was created because governments were determined to always be the enemy! As long as we, the people, are subject to a personal federal income tax, we don't have liberty in America. When government can force people to do things under penalty of government issued laws for the benefit of government only, there can absolutely be no liberty in a country or state. Under no circumstances can government in a nation that prides itself on liberty for all, in a direct or indirect fashion or in any other fashion, be the plaintiff in a criminal action against a real human being.

About the value of the US dollar we can say the following:

The nations of the world lie knee-deep in US dollars. The Dollar is by very far the most inflated currency about. Its true value should be about one thousandth of a penny but miraculously it is holding its value in the world market of currencies. The trick is to inflate the currency worldwide, not just within the USA. US government has been giving away and is giving away, give or take, trillions of dollars under pretenses of necessity to under-developed nations and nations tending to go over to the communist block over the last 80 years or so. Over the same approximate time period US exports showed trade deficits in the range of 150 billion to 250 billion dollars a year. Fighting foreign wars since 1940 is nothing more than a hidden form of foreign aid planned by government. In Vietnam we built hospitals, hydroelectric dams in large rivers, airfield and much more. All US bases in foreign countries are a big steady drain on the dollar currency at home because military personnel spend recreational money in the war-torn areas they are stationed. The pay for the soldiers fighting there are mainly spent in the nations where our armies are fighting. It is known that to maintain our armies in the Middle East cost the US taxpayers 750 to 800 billion dollars a day (maybe this figure is wrong, but still a huge drain on the US dollar currency. These wars have only adverse effects for us because it makes the local people where we fight these wars create terrorists cells which come home to us, it causes such devastations at home as as 9-11, rules that cause the travelers to be scrutinized when getting on a plane, a passenger ship, or going to theaters, court houses, etc. Government certainly does these things not for our benefit but for its own. The only benefactors of wars is government and its secret plans, never the people. The personal federal income tax is now already for 73 years utterly illegal because it was installed as the victory tax after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Its enforcement by law was set for 2 years to win the 2nd WW. The tax ended 2 years after its enactment but the IRS just keeps on collecting the tax and sending thousands to jail who object. Give the federal government, who is not a part of the United States the right to tax state citizens and you have plain suppression of the people. It is a scandal and truly is the largest heist this international crime syndicate has taken from the people who trust it.

All these things caused the US dollar to become the world trade currency. As we know most of the foreign aid money ended up in the pockets of the super powerful and the rich of these poor nations. It stand thus to reason that no foreign power would insist that the US devalues its currency. Germany in super excess and Argentina in excess inflated their currencies with devastating effect on their economies. Local inflation thus must fail, but if one is capable to inflate the currency on a world-wide basis it will succeed glamorously.

The real problem is though that although the entire world is using the dollar for trade, it is only the American people who are responsible for the national debt and for the interest on the enormous size of the debt.

When a witness in a criminal trial is in witness protection suddenly meets death through violence or unlikely accident then the person on trial should lose all rightful protection that the constitution provides. The accused is then tried with only a preponderance of guilt to have committed the crime or to have given the order to have the crime committed; this, of course also should also be valid when loved ones or intimates to the witness are held for ransom, killed or in any other way threatened. As a matter of fact it should not really matter whether the witness is in the witness protection program because if this rule would apply to any witness that dies before he/she could testify the accused loses all right under the constitution. It would do away with most cases of people in witness protection. This rule makes its budget very small. The accused must now make sure the witness stays healthy and alive. In addition, the accused should now face murder charges for the death of a potential witness as well. This is, of course, only for spectacular trials where top officers of crime syndicates are placed on trial and who would have all the ways and means to kill potential hostile witnesses of the accused.

It is preposterous that government has taken the right unto itself to argue cases involving the government. That is exactly why the constitution has lost its power to be the voice of the people. Government cannot violate people on its own authority, ever!

The way it ought to be done is that cases in which government is accused of violating the constitution the cases ought to be remanded to the people. Government is always prima fascia guilty. A ten-year-long seated special grant jury to which are added two nonvoting constitutional law experts must resolve suspect previously established case law. The experts must be independent practitioners of law not employed by or agents hired by government. They have no voting rights and are not present during the voting process. Thus, voting is done in the absence of the experts, but if questions come up during the voting process, both experts are granted to give their insight on the matter./p>

We must remember that “we, the people”, must always be in charge of the intent and purpose of the constitution. The Supreme Court, thus is barred from participating in any way or manner. Presently the court officers on the case decide law and the jury decide on facts. Wrong! Constitutional issues are always the responsibility of the jury.

We, the people, cannot ever allow the government to sway the intent and purpose of the constitution declared by we, the people!

There should be no repeal from the decision of the Grand Jury or the SGJ mentioned below.

The damage done to this intent and purpose of the constitution by government has caused these to contravene this intent and purpose over the last 240 years.

People of America, please cause a national voting action that gives the people the right to investigate and alter case law on constitutional issues of all previous president-setting case law that give rights and or powers to government, and also involving cases where government did lose the case but brought constitutional issues forward on which it could rely in future cases. This special Super Grant Jury (SGJ) panel ought to consist of about 3 dozen people chosen at random by another party than government and a panel of two independent constitutional law experts, who must place the rights of the people before those of government. All amendments should also be investigated on matters where government acquired rights and powers over the people. The original constitution gave government enough income gathering measures to fund itself perpetually. Why should it not stick to those rules? It would well provide government to fund itself.

The Grand Jury with ten year-tenure passes its suspect case law findings onto this Super Grant Jury and the latter panel will cause changes to the Constitution to protect the people better from encroachment by government on the rights and duties of the people. Both these special juries are impaneled for ten years at a time until all suspect case law and amendments have been resolved. If there are suspicions on the jury that someone is a government or One World Order infiltrator on the panel. A majority vote of the panel can have the person expelled and a new person voted in by them.

Thus, in summary, this Super Grand Jury (SGJ) can nullify case law and restore the constitution to its original or hopefully better state; and, furthermore, it can alter the intent and purposes of the constitution and/or its amendments beyond the tenth (because these were all instituted by [state] government, probably in conspiracy against the people) so that it absolutely prevents government from messing with the constitution again. As soon as this SGJ has made a change, it will be immediately in effect.

One change should be that state governments cannot ever vote an amendment into law that gives federal government right and power over the people. People should vote that kind of amendment into law.

One can only belong to one taxation and criminal jurisdiction, that being either state or federal. If citizens are forced to belong to several government taxation and criminal jurisdictions there is suppression present from government(s) toward the citizen(s). And a very important issue is that juries are there for the certainty of justice for the accused of the people.

Tax regulations should never give government power over the people. Taxes should be so regulated that private citizens go free of having to pay them directly. Juries are not there for the use and convenience of governmental criminal justice system. Grand Juries can only find enough evidence to issue a trial for crimes committed to one or more of the "We, the People". Presently, most IRS attorneys go to the grand jury to give evidence for indictment of people who it claims are guilty of trespassing IRS regulations (which should never apply to people ‒ maybe to corporations but never to one of We, the People). Juries are part of the common-law system while all government statutes should, and must apply only to members of government and of how government should be run.

The problem with people convicted in court of a supposed federal income tax "crime" get a minimum of a two year prison sentence. That makes tax crimes felony crimes. So, when such a convict gets back on the street his career and prospects of a career are over. Felons cannot get suitable employment anymore because convict's standing in the community is utterly destroyed. Most are divorced while in prison. His children have been solidly brainwashed against the felon. He gets out and he is naked with no support anywhere. That is the real crime of government against the people. Government is the criminal, not those convicted of an income tax crime!

Government statutes cannot ever apply in a criminal jurisdiction to one of "We, the People. No matter what arguments government wants to (or believes it can) bring forward to gain access to the grant jury or to gain equity-jurisdiction on a prospective case against one of "We, the People" the clear intent  of inherent protection of the people from government encroachment overrides all argument. Government has made the intent of the constitution a mockery through equity-law manipulation of the judicial process, often by Supreme court rulings.

And while the SGJ is at work, it should investigate how deep the US government is involved with the One World Order conspiracy into which some several trillion dollars of federal income tax extortion went and that has cost the death of some 200,000,000 people in the Civil War, the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean war, Vietnam war and untold many other involvements of American Armed forces interventions and the establishment of Israel on Arabic soil and the misguided Islam terrorist wars. The 40 year long Cold War was also a One World Order item to create such a scare about nuclear holocaust wars that the people would happily embrace a OWO to be safe of such horror. I have no proof, but I think the CIA was established to ascertain the planned progress of the plans of this world-wide conspiracy. Terrorists may be funded by America through front inside front, inside false fronts by American interests and handled through the CIA.

I am not particularly against such a One World Order but for government to actually get involved in this on a mega scale without the consent of the people is high treason. Government(s) ought not to be able to grant powers over the people to any government.  State and federal enforcement agencies ought not to be be able to collude with one another in cases of a federal tax law issue against a private state citizen. A corporation is just one entity on paper, how come that a corporation or a government agency, masquerading as a corporate entity, can bring many of its employees as witnesses against a private citizen? One corporate entity allows for one witness. The IRS has legally incorporates itself in all the states to get court standing to arrest state citizens.   Hans van Krieken    4-2018

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People who come across or in contact with the book "The Truth About Reality, Beyond God and Religion" by Hans van Krieken; and who do not buy the book in whatever format are doomed. Without what I have to tell them; and without trying to understand the true message they remain spiritually dead. You would be dying their duty and choice to choose!


There is a physical reality of matter and there is an entirely different universe, also physical but composed of anti-matter. These two universes exist neatly nested inside each other. Yin and Yan (the spiritual lie and the spiritual truth) exist together and the merging of the two ought to obliterate physical reality and implode into inner peace.  Here is another indication that spiritual truth and spiritual lie cannot be merged because all would be annihilated. The spiritual truth and the spiritual lie are in a yin-yang relationship that keeps physical reality in place.

There are spiritual and physical universes and when they collide or merge all sort of physical reality disappears into utter nothingness. The only dichotomy, after all, that will not be utterly destroyed is "the truth and the lie". When they merge truth will remain standing and the lie vanishes. The truth is the spirit of the true god. So, his reality must remain for it is his spirit and character and without it there would be utter spiritual nothingness.

Physical realities exist because spiritual beings believed a lie about spirit, so they either choose not to be part of the spirit of truth or they were simply ejected from the spirit of truth because it clashed with the lies they believe. Whom souls (in humans) believe to be their god is a liar. You can only believe a liar, because in true spirit you can only know the true god ‒ not believe in him

This liar exists in nothingness because that spirit definitely destroyed his only realm of being; that is: his participation in the spirit of truth. So, as a liar, he is together with us (those who believed his lies) in absolute nothingness. Spirits are eternal. So, to be anywhere at all, the false god and the lie-believers together fashioned physical reality as a collective dream-state of being.

All physical realities must eventually vanish because the spirit of truth will and must be revealed. I am that revealer or, rather, my books are. For those who accept the truth of my message physical reality will vanish, because a person existing in anti-matter reality (like the mirror images of our reality) will receive the same message and the two will collide and for them matter and antimatter will merge and annihilate the dream state, revealing the only reality possible, the spirit of truth of the true god

If you do not trust that I write in good faith no god will have mercy on your soul. The false god, after all, is part of the true god’s reality and he does exactly as he is told to do by the god of truth. The false god is the true god’s drilling sergeant and is separating the spiritual wheat from the chaff. Those who will comprehend and trust what I am saying will be redeemed to true spirit; many Christians end up in Heaven (a temporary abode that keeps the saved from descending into the deeper strata of hell, the rest will end up in true reality’s garbage can; existence in physical animal-conceived reality. My book is the only thing standing between you and being eventually relegated to animal existence and dirt. You will not ever come in contact with the spirit of god.

I am not claiming to be Jesus or god. I am not claiming that I am greater than Jesus, Muhammad the prophet, Buddha, evolution and the god you might believe in, but rather, the knowledge that is laid down in my book and in this site is from hard-learned experience, wisdom and from god.

Those who do not accept Jesus as their savior and who do not trust me are nothing and will remain nothing. If you do not trust me the spirit of the lie will retain its strong hold over you so that once you receive your inheritance in animal existence the truth will not and cannot ever reclaim you. Animals have become 100% physical and no god can ever enter into their sphere of thought. Animals are utterly abandoned -- in hell for ever.            

Hans van Krieken     3 - 15 - 2018

Imagine to Be What You Want to Be   By Hans Van Krieken |  

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Hans van Krieken, now  

Hans van Krieken, now in Dubrofnick

  Hans van Krieken on his sailboat

Hans van Krieken; then

Hans in Schiedam, Holland

Hans at age 11

We are all spiritual beings at soul. If you believe in a spiritual lie you are, forever, addicted to the lie; and you cannot escape from that realm of deceit; or rather I should say, your chances are extremely slim to escape from a lie believed in spirit. Bible: Genesis 2 and 3); and totally impossible to do so on your own physical and mental capacities. The lie ejects you from spiritual reality into a virtual reality (physical reality); and simultaneously closes a self-locking door preventing escape back into true reality. Without help, that spiritual door back out to reality is hermetically closed and sealed. Jesus and I are that help! I just saw an old movie "The Houseboat", where Cary Grant stars as father of three children, and Sofia Loren as a maid to care for these kids. A scene in this movie highlights the constant-changing flux of our reality.

His oldest son in the movie asked him why creatures had to die. Cary said something very deep to his son. "To make room for the new; the old must give way to new life because in nature everything always changes and turns things again to new.

"Some day", he continues, "I must die and my life force will leave my body. Consider that the water in the pitcher is the life force in me. Do you see the water in the pitcher?" "Yes", says his son. "Now, son, pick up the pitcher and pour out the water in the river. Go ahead; do it!" The son pours out the water in the river. "You see; all the water is out of the pitcher. Just as my life force one day will leave me. But is the water gone?" "Yes", says the son. "Not really", the father answers to that, "it is out of the pitcher but now it is added to the water in the river. Now the life force is again in a great reservoir of life force from whence it goes again into another newly born creature. See!"

Now, I continue this narrative out of the scene of the movie and away from the entire movie.

A bit of that water, representing the father's life force, will eventually drain into the soil of the earth. There it may be drawn up into the root system of a tree, helping the tree maintain itself.

Another bit of water will evaporate and eventually may become vapor in a cloud. Once the vapor condenses and gathers together into drops of water it turn into rain and some ends up again in plants, another bit drains away into ground and is pumped into a drink-water reservoir. People and domesticated animals drink it and that bit of water thus nurtures existing life.

Some other bit of water (still part of the original life force of the father) flows in the river into the sea. You see things change all the time and every bit of it nurtures life and helps create new life.

The father in this movie, and everybody else, believe that all life force in the universe is caught in the universe and it cannot escape from the universe. You might say, the universe is a trap or holding pen for life force.

This is true, but it is only part of the picture. Life force is trapped in a higher plane; and it is practically impossible for Life Force up there to escape this realm of virtual reality because it is trapped in negative spirit- -a virtual spiritual reality.

Now what is negative spirit? Negative spirit is a virtual realm in true spirit. Negative spirit is derived from true spirit but it is not a real part of it. Why not? It is because negative spirit was created by inserting a lie-believed in the understanding of an entity/being, or several entities existing in true reality. Believing a lie about a realm of ultimate truth means that you have not only rejected a part of ultimate reality but utterly rejected true reality as a whole. If you cannot trust a bit of all reality you cannot trust anything in true reality at all. You have thus been evicted from true reality, or rather- -you evicted yourself.

What has really been evicted is the awareness of being! The body (bodies) is (are) part of true reality, or as I call it positive spirit. The bodies cannot disappear because these are real- - not imaginary; just as water poured from a pitcher cannot disappear. The water still exists but it is not anymore in the pitcher. It is the mind, the spiritual Life Force that is aware of reality that disappeared.

The Life Force (this awareness of being in paradise) in that spiritual body who believed a lie has been poured out of the body, but the body is still there. As you can see the pitcher that held the water is still on the table. Where did the awareness of being go? The only place it can go to is to a realm demarcated from true reality. This special area is imaginary reality, or what I call negative spirit. If you believe a lie you have left reality and you are now present in some fantasy, because what you believe now and understand now is not truth but it is fiction. It has no substance in reality. What the serpent meant by stating, "That is not true, you will be like god", means thus that Adam and Woman, after partaking of the forbidden tree, could devise their own reality, the universe; and thus they can be like the true god himself- -a creator.

The problem is that spiritual entities and also people believing in lies must believe ever more lies to anchor the primary lie-believed. Those who are subject to lies they believe in a different reality from those not believing a lie.

People like to talk about humans having 'free will' but I believe that is not so; not humans but souls had a free will- -and they exercised that free will by believing a lie told them by the serpent in opposition to the advice given by the one who can only utter truth, god. Humans are under the illusion that they have free will but people's existence on earth is fully under the control of comatose souls who takes their direction from a liar.

People are subject to too many musts in life. We are fragile people who must be careful not to injure ourselves or become sick and who must die; who must work, pay taxes, obey the innumerable amounts of law, eat, drink and sit on the pot.

Everything we do, even when we sleep is a forced dramatization. No, people do not have free will at all.

To differentiate spiritual entities who believe a lie and those who do not believe in lies I call the realm of awareness based on a primary lie negative spirit. Those who have not succumbed to believing a lie are in positive spirit. Creative agents in positive spirit may be aided in their creative plans by primary entities that will spread a lie for the purpose of good. Here thus, the authorities of positive spirit and of negative spirit work together to accomplish a certain good goal. These can be said to exist temporarily in zero spirit.

As make-belief creator entities who are subject to lies-believed must continue to create, believe and realize more and more things of fantasy in their minds in order for the virtual reality to continue to work for them. That is the cause of constant change in physical awareness. Change, the effect of inventing ever more lies, keeps the game environment and the games going.

Biological creatures believe in spirit, but they have an inverted understanding of spirit. They believe that negative spirit is all there is and they call it good. Then, to allow an origin for all the evil abroad in physical reality they recognize a devil, who is an entity under the god of the universe but ordinarily does things against the will of god; and often against the desires of the people. Physical creatures are completely unaware that whatever they recognize as spirit is fantasy. They cannot imagine a level of true spirit that surrounds negative spirit on all sides. They can thus also not imagine a highest level creator upon whom all other sorts of creations rest.

In fact, there may be other serpents lose in paradise who will deceive spiritual entities into negative spirit, but whose personal designs result in some sort of universe whose natural laws are completely different from those of the physical universe.

The internet is like a negative spirit in the greater realm of physical awareness. The internet is capable of supporting billions of special realms called websites. Each website can be compared to a special universe. Netflix, Amazon and eBay begin to resemble universes.

What I am saying is that the existence of the physical realm proves that innumerable other types of universes exist in greater negative spirit all existing on special rules and laws that make it an integrated environment for other types of creatures.

Creatures, and souls, believing in non-reality/fables are kind of insane because they have left the sanity of reality and are thus off in La-La land. They have left the realm of reality/positive spirit and have entered non-reality or negative spirit. Once you are present in negative spirit you cannot find back positive spirit at all because in your awareness it has become a lie or fiction. So, once you are in fantasy land you may believe or not believe anything people tell you. But whatever they tell you is based on a lie; or really, it is based on complete fantasy.

All souls attached to animal creatures believe in the validity of their own physical environment. Animals could not exist if the souls projecting them were not in agreement with the ground rules and tenets that allow animals to exist in raw nature. The soul of a deer knows that it is possible prey for another type of animals. There is a spiritual agreement among souls that allows nature to function as we experience it all around us.

Now, in our fantasy land there are people believing this, or that, or whatever; but whatever they believe is based on mere lies. This all becomes extremely complicated because certain groups of people believe this set of lies, another group of people believe another set of lies and many other groups believe other systems of lies. A system of lies is called a sustained propaganda campaign.

Moreover any person or group of persons can declare any kind or set of rule(s) at all to which all who are subject to this person or group of people must adhere; and these rules can change at any time without much notice ─ human laws/our understanding of natural laws and weight loss diets.

Whatever all the people existing in greater negative spirit in a realm of fiction known as the physical universe (you, me, and everybody else) believe is mere propaganda. Nothing is true, but inside the perimeter of the campaign its tenets are held to be true and they are acted and reacted on as if it is the truth. Whatever people believe, such as teachers, ministers, scientists, politicians- -everybody- -is mere fantasy. No one in earth or in the universe knows the truth of the matter of true spirit. We are all lost from true reality because we all believed a lie in true/positive spirit; and that false belief launched us out of reality into the realm of lies-believed or negative spirit- -something more powerful than anti-matter generators or engines, I would say.

People of different persuasions in religion, politics, and theology, systems of law or ideologies become so polarized in their particular systems of belief that they start making war on one another in order to forcefully convert non-believers into believers of their systems of lies-believed.

War demands that one wins from one's opponent; so nations start making ever more powerful weapons of offense and defense with the end result that weapons of such incredible destructive power and enormous ability to kill now fill the armories and ever-alert weapon systems of all the major ideologically-differentiated nations of the world.

Whatever happens in future wars, whether the people of the earth blow up the world and kill everybody on it, it does not really matter because nothing of value has been destroyed.

Fiction is fiction; and fiction is naught. Fiction is not a part of reality- -it can never be a part of reality. Fiction is only imaginary; nothing of value can be destroyed in an imaginary war. Whatever was destroyed cannot disappear. Life-force is still life-force and matter remains matter. Therefore, those who believe in lies in spirit still need an imaginary playing ground to act in because as long as they believe in the original spiritual lie they cannot escape from fantasy land- -as long as they believe in the original lie they cannot return to reality. They will be eternally stuck in physical reality /Fantasy Land, /Hdes

In fantasy land you can believe anything you want. The world is fantasy land and in it people believe almost anything- -from old wives tales, religious belief systems, ideologies, politics and whatever else people believe in.

All these belief systems create a playing field in which everybody again becomes completely caught up until some future war will blow everything up or until the continents sink into the ocean or a meteor splatters earth all over creation. See, it all does not matter; as long as souls believe in the original lie they will have a new earth and a new heaven- -but again all in fantasy land- -the universe.

The only route of escape is to catch up with the original lie-believed ─ to understand that it is a lie still in your souls. Then you must refuse to be part of this lie-believed and you must then realign yourself with the original truth. This process completed in earnest is called by Jesus redemption- -not in the spirit of negative reality, but in truth.

How would you do such a thing? You would force yourself to disappear and become absolutely nothing in physical reality. This is a most scary thing; hence Jesus' statement that very few will find the narrow and hidden way back to true reality.

The path is hidden because it is beyond the comprehension of almost all people; and it is narrow because once you find it you must bring up the courage to self-annihilate in the only reality familiar to you- -fantasy-physical reality.

The difference between repenting John the Baptist's way and Jesus' way is to believe the word/propaganda of man (like, as in the scriptures or according to human interpretation of the scriptures or through human philosophical or scientific inquiry) rather than the truth in spirit. The way it is in truth in spirit can only be relayed to us by the spirit-of-truth because physical reality is utterly out of touch of true reality. This spirit of truth was only very temporarily in the body of Jesus and this spirit conversed with us through human language.

Who is that entity that told you that original lie? It is the serpent of whom you can read in the Christian Bible, book Genesis in Chapter 3. This serpent is now your god. He is extremely clever and cunning and powerful. We call him by such names as Yahweh, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Allah, Brahman, and many other names. You are no match for him in any endeavor. That is why people fear him and worship him. However, this god has no point of contact or any other spiritual connection with the spirit in Jesus. Their connection lies in zero spirit, something normal spiritual entities such as Adam and Woman cannot get in touch with. Zero-spirit is a special creator-level of reality.

In the entire history of the universe only two men uttered words of spiritual truth. Moses uttered truth in Genesis chapters 1 through 4 and a man Jesus- -or rather, the true/positive spirit in Jesus told mankind a secret message of spiritual truth. This message was not intended for mankind but for souls caught in negative spirit. Jesus hoped that the message would be relayed through human mind back to the dreaming soul! It is like when you dream, you sometimes remember some details from your dream in the morning.

If Moses did not relate what happened in paradise, any truth Jesus told to us would have been in vain. Moses got to that truth through the god of truth. Of himself, he would have never been able to come to that. However, Moses did not understand the significance of that truth because if he would have understood the truth it would have been unnecessary for the spirit of truth to dwell among us. You dig! Moses could have told us; and because he did not do that it is proof that he did not comprehend what he told us.

I mention the Bible of the Christians but, in fact, I am not a Christian because Christendom is just another false system of belief. People have never understood Jesus' true inner message- -the truth of reality- -and therefore Jesus was never understood. Therefore, also, all Christian creeds are based on mere fantasy.

As you can see, then; there is truth according to the lie which is, for us as humans, the universe and us as cyber creatures believing in just about anything false in it, and with Jehovah as its owner. And secondly, there is truth according to the truth which is the truth before the propaganda campaign of the liar succeeded to deceive the spiritual entities in paradise.

Yes, there is a paradise and there were two beings called Adam and Woman (A & E). They are no more because, as their true god told them they are dead because they disbelieved him in his warning to them; which dialog between god and them you can read in the Bible, Genesis, chapter 2; and the sales pitch the serpent gave Woman in Chapter 3. But just as humans consist of billions of cells, so A & E must also consist of billions of tiny spiritual cell entities. When A & E believed the serpent and ate from the fruit they were advised on not to eat, there were some entities in them that did not go along with the masses of cells that made up A & E but these were swept along with the rest into a spiritual coma that caused them to be unable to participate in true reality. Jesus was searching for these isolated tiny entities and try to convince them, at the time that this Age is almost complete to finally understand what he was saying so that they will realize that what they are dreaming spiritually in the coma hold a message of truth that they were, while slumbering, all along the way, in agreement with ─ Jesus’ inner message of spiritual truth was for just those few ears that could here the spiritual message, those inner eyes that could see the truth and a mind to comprehend what Jesus was telling them. I am that tiny little splinter and I want you to hear that truth from me now also. It will set you free in true spirit for sure, just as I have understood it so that we all together may end back up in true spirit together when we expire out of this virtual life which still has us to strong in its hold.

Adam's and Woman's bodies in spirit are not dead. Their bodies lie in a coma in reality; their minds, so-to-speak, are absent in reality as these are stuck in virtual reality playing universe- -a sort-of computer game with the cellular mini-components of the minds of the Adam and Woman as souls, projecting human beings in the fictional environment "universe".

Because Adam and Woman's minds have been disintegrated into their cellular structure, their minds are gone and, of themselves, these minds cannot apprehend the truth of the truth any more. The true god, the spirit in Jesus, had to come into the display of the universe to inform the temporary projections of cellular components of Adam's and Woman's mind (humans) to get real and understand that physical reality is but a fiction in which the realities of earth and heaven can, and will disappear; and can and will reappear again, and again and again because that is the only reality left open to them.

In fiction everything and anything, at all, is possible, but in true reality there is but one truth; the reality of things as the true god created. What he says is truth. He is the living, creating Word! Anybody, at all, who contradicts this true god is a liar and is evicted from reality; and anyone believing a lie about this true god is evicted because they try to create things in opposition to the true god.

Therefore, understand that souls project the universe, not on their own design, but according to the design of the deceiver. The deceiver uses these souls as spiritual slaves to continue to deploy and suspend the universe so the deceiver can continue to play god and lord over them.

In truth, physical reality is supposed to be a spiritual learning experience, but also according to truth only those who truly learn the lesson completely are allowed to graduate. There are no shortcuts.

I see the universe/negative spirit as a still wherein the alcohol is captured and treasured and all else (the dross) after the process is discarded. One can also see negative spirit as a link-trainer. One gets to learn being god in a make-belief environment so that when one fully understands what it takes to be a god one will be one; just as a person learning to 'fly' a link trainer perfectly in a certain amount of 'flying time' will graduate to flying real planes.

Man. I hope you got it because from the extremely poor results of book sales I can say, I will be about the only one to get out of here- -is not my fault; I do my utter my best for you to join me in truth! If you do not make it, you just have no excuse.

PS:  After reading these materials it is clear that you have the following to deal with:

All Reality according to the spiritual truth or nothing at all!

The end of the world as we know it may very well be close at hand ‒ the reason? Jehovah hates the spiritual truth. Spiritual truth would annihilate or cripple his universe beyond repair; because the real truth will always vanquish the lie.

I understand both Moses' truth and Jesus' follow-up on it. I and my wife, Carol, have the complete picture in spirit. Jehovah resents that.

My articles and my book are now broadcasting that truth. To make it again disappear, Jehovah may very well be preparing the universe for a great upheaval to destroy the truth of my words from the fictional universe, altogether, so that he can remain god and so that all remaining souls remain in his false jurisdiction. It may be your utter spiritual undoing. What he did instead, though; he shut the publisher of my book down and there are no more books available. So, I am in the process to convert all I have written in digitally available book forms hopefully from Amazon.

I am well into my 83rd year; my wife is 65. Time for you is thus of extreme essence if the world would disappear upon my death. You will have a little more time if the world will disappear upon or near my wife's death. Either way ─ do not play the fool any longer; it is not you but your soul that must understand the spiritual truth, but it must start with you.

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